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Attacks on OCMB

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:14 pm
by admin
At the moment a few individuals claiming to be from Anonymous and who were granted access on OCMB claiming they wanted to help victims of the cult, are posting their username and password publicly. Others are then using these accounts to post extreme and grotesque images of autopsy pictures, cut off body parts, pornography, kittens being torched alive, etc.

This is in an attempt to stop you from reading this message board and to stop victims of this cult being helped. There is no simple way to avoid this and still offer a reasonable open message board.

OCMB has not been here for so many years by giving up just because a handful of people with serious mental problems go berserk. We have experienced this before and we sure will again - it's sadly part of the price we pay. We are removing the images and closing these accounts continuously. Please surf carefully while this is going on and let us know if we've missed some of the ugly posts.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for you patience. Remember that the people messing up are very few, most here are very good people who just want to help and learn. Don't judge all of Anonymous only on a few crazy individuals and cult agent provocateurs.

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:10 pm
by admin
Just listen: As this is not a board set up to point out who is stupid, ignorant, evil, mentally impaired or OSA, it is off topic here. The agenda here is to be friendly and give support! I don't care if someone annoys any of you, I don't care if you don't like someone on EO or TD, I don't care if you don't like me or OCMB.

There are great channels out there for all of you to vent 24/7, there are thousands of places you can shout your reality to the world and find annoying or unreasonable people to scream back at. By all means, run over there and have a blast for all I care.

This however, is OCMB. It's not an Anonymous pad or a freezone for any of my friends. It's a friendly place of refuge for all who seek that - centred around the theme of this cult. I'm not expecting or asking all to seek it. It only got room here for a few.

So please stop commenting on other people or groups, or whatever, if it isn't friendly. I was once accused of creating an utopia milk and cookies board, where we walked around on our pink slippers. Well, I like to have such a place to go to. Even though the characteristic wasn't meant very friendly, I took it as a huge compliment when it came from them. It's actually part of free speech to also be allowed strive for that.

You are my visitor here and you should act like it. I'll start temp revoking posting privileges very easily soon. You can cry murder and injustice as much as you want, you'll be able to ask for it back after 14 days. As it is temporary I will not waste time on long debates. I've tried it, we can all live without OCMB for 14 days.

Yes, I'm looking at you.

Take care.

PS: OSA is actually welcome here as I would like them to see there is also something else than endless hostility and fighting. I believe some of them will be affected by that as many of them desperately want to get away. Talk is always cheap and there is a lot of extra cheap talk among critics these days.