Canberra org pushing CCHR

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CCHR foundering? Drug free marshalls called in to help?

Post by venusian_traindriver » Mon May 28, 2007 12:56 am

Looks like the Panorama expose has high lighted the connection between $cientology and the cchr, and the attempt by the cchr anti pshchiatry exhibits to blame the holacaust on psychiatrists has caused a massive foot bullet.

Everyone who saw the panorama expose were disgusted at the cchr segment... NOT John Sweeny's outburst, but the fact the clams tried to hijack the holacaust for their own propaganda. And when asked about Shawn Lonsdale's appearance, they admired him for his honesty and said they would prefer to welcome him as a guest in their home rather than any $cientologist.

Looks like the dead agenting didnt work ..... well, nothing works in $cientology... calling all OT's...are you still deluded about your lack of abilities?

Maybe the expose on Today Tonight was the reason the $cienos pulled their exhibit out early last week ... and tried a new tactic this week... two stands, a smaller cchr hate stand, and a more prominent drug free amabssadors stand, with the clams wearing 'drug free' emblazoned T shirts. Also the yellow T shirts with dianetics statements on the back were visibile on a few clams strolling around, probably wearing them for doing amends :lol:

As they say, a skunk carrying a rose is still a skunk, people still avoided them but the Sukyo Mahikari stand opposite them was well attended and visited.... and the Mahikari people had a prominent sign stating honestly who they really were....

I was also told the trick of arriving after the site fees were collected and moving their stalls far apart to disguise their connection with each other didnt work, with several other fee-paying stall holders dobbing them in 8) gee, that $12 given to a charitable organisation must have really hurt their stats.....

The fact that their stalls were seperated and lacking prominent $cientology signage despite there being many double spaced sites available is itself indicative of some form of deception in disguising who they really are, but hey, this is $cientology, isnt it? -founded on deceptions... by a deceiver.

Good work fellow SP's - keep watching and reporting :wink:

The venusian traindriver and crew

$cientology deceives not only people, but also its own members.

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according to co$ we are drugging all our children (Yawn)

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Nov 11, 2007 11:26 am

Yes,.. they crept back :shock: .. and as the other stall holders said "the SS is back" :lol: ("ss" being "silly Scientologists").

The Woden markets are once agin being used in an attempt to push CCHR and $cientology's anti-psychiatry hate messages. Also they ask people to sign a petition to present to the local govt ministers, however more likely its purpose is to glean names and addresses for mailouts and recruitment... such petitions in the past barely get a one line mention in the local hansard. :wink:

The document that was handed to me told me all about the supposed conspiracy behind adhd, and it not being a disease but something made up by psychiatrists. It was the usual chhr /co$ misinformation. They were even resorting to selling cold canned drinks as a "fund raiser" (they must be desperate!).. but at $1.50 a can! Nearby stalls were selling similar drinks for only one dollar! :roll: Perhaps the co$ cans were fitted with electrodes? .... :P ..or "clearsound" for the fizz when opened :wink:

Nowhere on the documents handed out was $cientology mentioned .. if it was, it would have to have been a miniscule reference undetecable to normal eyesight. Of course there was no mention of $cientology around the stand. But this is $cientology ...deception still is the norm. ... and people know who they are, so why do they try to deny it or evade the question when asked? It's proof that $cientology lies!

I asked several people if they would have taken one of the handouts if they saw the words "scientology" visible on either the document or the cchr stand... their reply was an emphatic "No way!" 8) Enough said!

The stand was manned by a single co$ member.... she tried hard to foist their hate literature onto passers by and even went as far as to leave her stand and confront people to hand out their material ... something that they did not like SP's doing with information about co$ :P - and had complained about in the past. But again have you ever known co$ to abide by any rules?

A drive by of the Canberra org proved the previous reports are correct .... it is downstat and decrepit, the window blinds are still disarranged and the glass and exterior grubby .... nothing has changed in a year since my last drive by.

To sum it up... co$ appears to be a nothing to worry about in Canberra. Its a spent force... or should I say farce? :P

The Venusian Traindriver and crew ... still on track annoying obese hubbard thetans :wink: we are still here osa :P -are you all in the RPF?

Hmmm noticed on TV the local pancake parlour is advertising a "short stack" recognition of DM ? :P

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Post by truthseeker » Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:26 pm

always good to hear these reports, cheers :)

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an interesting observation and a subsequent comment...

Post by venusian_traindriver » Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:46 am

ty for the encouragement truthseeker 8)

It has been brought to my attention by a colleague as to the words "fundraiser" displayed on the cooler where the soft drinks were being sold by the co$ at the markets.

I was asked what was the funds being raised for? Was there any notice or details telling the would be purchaser who was to be the recipient of the raised funds ? :wink: Note -[ the other stalls just had a sign saying "cold drinks $1.00" so you knew or assumed that the stall owner was getting the profits there. But the use of the words "Fundraiser" by co$ implies a third party, or charity.... its deceptive.

Well, the co$ stall just said the drinks were being sold as a fundraiser and stated the price. So co$, who was the recipient of the "funds" raised? Was it a well meaning charity,? or was it one of co$ fronts? :roll:

Deception again! Tsk Tsk Tsk! - But this is what $cientology is about. To any $cientologist reading this ... see what you are involved in? See why the community does not trust you?

Well, this colleague, who has links to for a certain Government Department will be discussing the co$ tactics with his mates 8)

Of course the co$ if questioned will deny things as usual, but perhaps the pictures the blonde co$ staffer took could be used as evidence ..... :lol:

So informants, look out for any co$ literature containing pictures of the cchr stand at the woden markets. Lets see if co$ panics and tries to photoshop the evidence ;-)

Also ... for Alert .... A year or so back co$ were reported to be holding some function as a fund raiser for the new Canberra Org.... I guess its time to look through development applications in Canberra to see if an application has been lodged :wink: Same con as in Sydney?

Any bets on what is discovered? :P

The venusian traindriver and crew

Do thetans dream of E-meters? :lol:

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Post by 'Alert' » Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:09 am

Heya Choo Choo!

I always read your threads/posts, I just dont always jump in though.

Since clams are back at Woden, I guess recon needs to be done in the known flea markets theyve tried to recruit from here in the past.
On the issue of fundraising, dont they need a permit of soughts?

Looking into DA's through council pays off. CSA were freaking from when it was being posted about the Grade V expansion that never was.

You might want to inform the crew to find out council regulations with regard to running stress test tables on the street (if there are any that is). Many local councils up here bracket them in with buskers, permits are required to have participants names on them. Dont know how it all works down your way though.

Fair Trading or a similar Statutory Authority may be interested in the collections of monies under false pretenses. I know in NSW, there are offences for obtaining a financial gain by deception, but AFAIK, your Territory is bound by even stricter guidlines under federal juristictions. There are so many angles to persue with how CSA and the cult in general break laws.

But what can you expect, theyre the most ethical people in the Universe and are above all wog-law :roll:

Keep at it Choo Choo and crew, you are stayers
Just keep room for me in the caboose :wink:
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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does OSA enjoy reading OC message board?

Post by venusian_traindriver » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:57 pm

A belated report on the Woden markets Co$ borefest 18 Nov.....

Yes - the covert $cientololgy cchr stall was back ... and it was noted that the words "fundraiser" were no longer on the drink cooler, ...just some empty cans to show what was inside :lol:

Its amusing to notice now that $cientologists seem to be ashamed to be identified as $cientologists. Other groups are open in displaying who they are.. but not this mob :P And they think by changing T shirts with different slogans on them that they will not be recognized :lol:

Also there is a "e-zine" ... called "The Word" where people can publish items of interest.. of course the cchr goons tried to use this as a vehicle to push their anti psychiatry propaganda, but then reverted to personal attacks when a SP exposed the cchr/co$ connection :lol: .
Rather than argue with the co$ and respond to their personal comments, the SP simply advised viewers to do the reserarch and to google search cchr+scientology and see who to believe. Co$ writers then promptly climbed back into their clam- shell 8)

Now again we are seeing "concerned citizens" back on these e-zines, posting items about ritalin, adhd and spouting other "kid drugging" propaganda. Different people, quoting the same sources. Concerned citizens? :lol: Guess who? -- Well they all give the same po box or suburb address as a contact for further crap reading, and their names? --- Matthew Dent (who used to call himself by the grand name of "director of the Canb branch of cchr" .. what happened, Matt? got busted onto the rpf and these are your amends?)... Lara Meney ( is she still osa? - refer her dealings with "Fier", a canberra SP attacked by co$) and of course Linda Vij .. whose writings on ritalin pop up from time to time on any fringe newspaper looking for fill in items between the obituaries and the escort services ads.

Google search these peoples names and $cientology rears its Hubbardesque head :lol:

I was told by some of the editors of these e-zines that their papers have a restricted and limited readership.... and feed back to them indicates that the majority of their readers know the artiicles are cchr/co$ rubbish material and get ignored anyway. Not worth bothering about :

The venusian Traindriver and crew.

The Andersen report was right on! Read it folks and watch the co$ cringe. Read how the Victorian parlaiment reacted when they got a letter from l ron blubbard re suing them ... the laughter is still echoing around the walls... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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No elephants, no trumpets ... and no clams.....

Post by venusian_traindriver » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:27 am

So far this year there has been no reports of the CCHR/$cientolgy hate exhibit or any other co$ front visible at the Woden Markets. They could be hiding elswhere.. ... but if so, they are not making any impact.

On 17 Feb one recognised co$ staffer was seen ...but the stall appeared to be a private affair...with mainly personal stuff being offered for sale ....
As it was a "non-cos shill" stall, enough said - thats her business and she's free to do it as anyone else is... but I will say the person was selling several El ron sci-fi paperbacks official co$ stuff.. What can you infer from this?

hmm.... maybe here we have an "ex" cos staffer looking for funds to pay a freeloader debt? It was noted that two other clams, one with a ginger beard and the other female of asian appearance with her child passed by and appeared to be "vetting" the stall.. but they didnt stay.

What this all means ... who knows.

The fact is Canberra org is apparently going down the gurgler... obvious by its change in location from the busy civic center to a semi industrial area, and there is the deterorating physical appearance of its curtains and furnishings of its latest building. The windows are dirty still. Maybe davy boy still cantt find El rons manual on "How to wash windows and straighten curtains.." to send to them.

Canberra's Ideal org? they did try to raise money for it... a function was advertised some time back ... but a development application is yet to be seen. Sydney fiasco repeat? Guess it was a good way to con more dollars from its members/patrons. Time to think of a new one, guys...

Wake up kate C and James P ... this co$ ship of fools is sinking...and its gonna drag you down with it despite you both plugging the widening holes in its keel with your money...

How long can you tread water? :wink:

the venusian traindriver and crew
$cientology deceives not only others, but also its own members.

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"the Lonely Clam"

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:16 pm

A sole clam beached herself at the Woden markets.... (boohoo :lol: )

Yes.. the cchr/dianetics stall is back, but maintained by a single clam wearing a blue polo top and standing alongside a card table displaying give away pamphlets.

True to their deception, there is no mention of $cientlogy etc ... just a sign reading "The truth about Drugs." - they can kill you. The polo shirt carried the same message on the back.... but no mention that $cientology can kill you as well :lol:

The different pamphlets were all headed with titles like "Heroin, Ecstasty, Ice, Crack, Cocaine, Speed, etc ... which was sadly amusing as it showed the clams ignorance.... they went for quantity, not quality as some drugs are known by multiple names therefore some pamphlets are duplicates.. (some of the passers by noticed this 8) - it seems the content of each pamphlet was basically all the same ... only the first few paragraphs were different on each pamphlet, and the bulk of the message
promoted $cienotlogy methods, (without mentioning any $cientology connection)

I asked if some of the pamphlets could be obtained.. and was told "No thanks!... we don't want to be seen associating with them. Bad for business, you know......

I also asked for a report about the org it still there or what? ...

The reply was..
"Don't know, Don't care ... they are insignificant here ... The majority of the public knows who they are and what they stand for... and they don't want a bar of it."

Guess that sums it up.

The venusian traindriver and crew

"$cientology...successfully clearing the planet ... of $cientologists"

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