Canberra org pushing CCHR

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Post by Albert » Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:12 am

Don't quite believe Choochooman. "Choochooman" posted a couple of years back on the OC forum that a Pentecostal church broke up his family and how they are a bad cult because he had to listen to a sermon while a BBQ was cooking outside.
Hmmm .... getting some press on the real story, but that story by Chooch is a curve ball fellow OCers. It wasn't any darn BBQ that broke up that family.


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Post by Ladybird » Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:27 am


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cchr doesnt like being associated with scietology!

Post by venusian_traindriver » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:20 am

Albert .... are you REALLY albert, the "Magic Pudding" as mentioned in Norman Lindsay' book? :lol:

Congratulations in getting your threatening post onto OCMB before the 2:00pm stats deadline ...another few minutes and the SeaOgres would have come stumbling through your front door shouting "Beans and Rice!" :lol:

The Venusian traindriver and crew (note the the plurality) are greatly amused that the words "did CCHR tell you they are associated with Scientology?" could cause such a flap in the Canberra org. We thought you would like the free publicity! :wink:

Obviously these words are such a threat to $cientology and its front that the mighty osa has been mobilised into commencing harassment of anyone in Canberra who they perceive as a threat to them. So far they have had to go back FIFTEEN YEARS to find what they consider to be dirt to muck-rake through. What will it achieve? Well OSA, and Albert, it will attract more critics to your religion. And you will be even less popular. Heavens knows, with failing stats and bad publicity, some of your staff might blow! :shock:

You alluded to a "family matter" .... and you sound jealous that you were not invited to a BBQ for some steak and sausages..(much better than beans and rice). Have you considered that the "Choochooman" ID may have been handed on to someone else, or used by multiple posters? I know for sure that some of the older postings under that name cannot and were not about me ... but postings from others relayed to this site and posted by a person on their behalf. (not everyone has a PC and internet access..) :P

Maybe you shoud also consider that here in Australia, matters handled by the Family Court and associated courts that could identify children are not to be made public? Posting details on the internet, or other means would be contempt of court, and thats why you only alluded to it, hoping to scare and intimidate. Posting it would be legal suicide..

Also, have your OSA muck-rakers considered looking through court of appeal documents? Otherwise you will find yourself in a libel suit... especially if a matter was overturned in a higher court and you drag it out into a public arena..... but co$ knows all about courts 8)

Did you strike fear and think we will we run away? NO! we will intensify our efforts. Back us into a corner and we will fight our way out and you will go down. Publicity wont hurt an old bugger like me, but Tommy and David wouldnt like it ... . Especially the RPF and SO child abuses will make tasty news items while you accuse psychiatrists of abuse!

We have already prepared statements for the local police, advising them of co$ harrasment tactics and drawing attention to your post. They will be monitoring any event involving us and co$ will be No.1 suspect. We have also arranged for media releases to be sent out advising of co$ harrassment if it occurrs. We have contacted friends, neighbours and others to advise them of your harrassment tactics, threats and why you are doing it. They are with us and are watching out for you. We will also trumpet loudly how co$ (and its front) tries to suppress and harrass anyone who chooses not to agree with them.

As to you spreading muck on the message boards etc? Go ahead. It will not have any affect after 15+ years, and will show and prove to everyone the true church you are. We would also find the profits of a libel case convenient to bring forward our retirement. Also it doesn't matter in which country you spread libel, you can still be sued in this country. The internet is a two edged sword. :P

Meanwhile, we will keep asking people if they were told that cchr is part of $cientology, and if you dont like it, clean out your church. :wink:

Have a nice day albert, ....ooh and do magic puddings have body raisins? :shock:

Choochooman (not hiding like $cientology does behind fronts like cchr)
and the Venusian traindrivers crew :lol:

$cientology not only deceives others, but also deceives its own members.

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Post by Tigger » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:50 pm

WOW....Way to go.....Sock it to the gutless bully.

Best Regards,


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Sunday update as ususal despite threats

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Feb 05, 2006 5:08 am

It was a nice day ..they turned up and tried to hand out pamphlets.... tried is the key word as nearly eveyone said "no" and walked by. Why? Becase the word is around the markets that CCHR is $cientology. :wink:

Those that did take a pamphlet were asked two simple questions.....

1) Did the people who handed you that pamphlet indicate to you in any way that they are associated with $cientology?


2) Are you aware that CCHR is part of $cientology.

Everyone gave an answer. There were no refusals.

The answer to (1) was 100% "No, they didnt."

The answer to (2) was 60% "I suspected they were linked some religious group...thank you for telling me"

and 40% was "No, but now that you mention it I see the connection. Thank you"

Everyone gave thanks for the information. About 25% felt somewhat peeved at there was no prominent sign showng that they were linked to $cientology, and expressed criticism of Scientology as a result.

The best comment received was "Who do they think they are, Tom Cruise? " :lol:

Anyway, Albert the magic pudding had no effect with his threats, the OSA lady was not visible, and most of the regular market people are more aware of CCHR/$cientology's harassment tactics, and all gave us the thumbs up. Gee OSA, you got more SP's there now to handle. And the number is growing.

As usual they left before the market ended, and the regulars were not sad to see them go.

See the main Message Board for more information.

The Venusian Traindriver and crew

Scientology not only deceives others, but also deceives its own members

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Post by Gladiator » Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:10 pm

Great job Venusian Traindriver !!!

Just a small quote for Bleepch and the CCHR from their "hero"

" Criminals accuse others of the things they do themselves "

And he was certainly in a very good position to know it !

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waiting for the weekly stats deadline

Post by venusian_traindriver » Tue Feb 07, 2006 8:09 am

If albert or his cohorts are going to reply on this thread..... expect it to appear at 1:30pm Thursday australian time :lol:

They got to get it on the board before 2:00pm, and if they post it too early, they will get a reply that will be entheta not handled. Bad for stats :lol:

As for me...I reply and post whenever I want, deadlines, no stats to keep up. Now thats real freedom. And I dont get fried beans with my rice... :P

Got some interesting replies regarding the privcy act in Australia and who it applies to and what is involved. :)

Will keep everyone posted of the findings. Australian critics who have been harrassed by co$ should read the act and seek advice. Dont be bullied by co$...don't believe what co$ says ...go to the source... Australian Privacy Office ... :wink:

The venusian traindriver & crew

Scientology deceives not only others but also its own members.

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Another Sunday at the markets...

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:51 am

It was business as usual at the markets...

The CCHR/Scientology stand set up ... and operated on apparently a somewhat low key basis... Majority of people passing by flatly refused to accept a pamphlet.

They targeted mainly non-Austalian looking people ... but when we asked these people about cchr and the pamphlet, they didnt know, didnt care and said they took it out of courtesy. We didnt speak to a lot of people .... it was not necessary, simply because after they looked at the literature, they casually scrunched it up into a ball 8) A look in the recycling bin aftewards revealed their destination.

Noticed the $cienos patrolling around and observing suspect critics with backward glances. They were obvious in the way they kept away from the area where possible entheta was present.... and that produced a smile from several stall holders, along with the thumbs up :wink: in our direction.

Only one negative response .. a man who said he didnt believe cchr was associated with scientology. He also did not want anything to do with scientolgy too by his reaction! We left him alone and did not confront or pressure or follow him. We also did not confront the cchr/scienos stand ... thats not our intention. We are offering valid information :lol: ..and only to peole who approach us.

We also had a busy day with other things, so the $cienos were way down on our list of things to do, but it was obvious that the co$ stand was not being mobbed... :lol: avoided is more appropriate.

Quote of the day from one person spoken to . "Scientlogy! ha! I thought they were off this planet!...."

Anyway they left at around 11:00 again and we all had a spiffing good time full of energy and content from consuming delicious mest items.

Also we were advised that the $cienos have been hanging around Cooleman court handing out pamphlets .. any Canberrans would have fun enturbulating there ... peacefully, of course. Just walk around asking people with pamphlets if they were told that cchr is the anti-psychiatry front of $cientology.... thats all you have to say ...if they want more or dispute your comment, ask them them to search for "cchr + scientology" on the internet and see for themselves. And keep out of the building .. they will cry on securities shoulder so stay on public property :wink:

leave it at that. You will find people approaching you later after they check and thanking you.

The venusian traindriver and crew

Scientology deceives not only others but also its own members ....follow the money trail

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Enturbulation at Woden markets, Canberra

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:07 am

They Complained!

The nature of the complaint was not revealed, but it appears that the CCHR (alias Scientology) is seriously enturbulated by people telling others that CCHR is part of $cientology! Which is true, and which they evaded saying so when asked. L ron was mumbled about but no other connection admitted to by them. Its all in very small print on some of their pamphlets ..

Well, we are giving them free advertising. Why are they afraid of being identified as being part of co$? Are they hiding something? :roll:

The story as it unfolds... "meanwhile in the Woden markets, far, far away... "

One of the stall holders at the markets has been singled out by co$/CCHR as the source of enturbulation ..and according to reports they tried various confronts, by approaching the stallholder's stall and trying to eavesdrop/disrupt any conversation between him and any customer. Note that no one has been approaching their stall with similar confronts! NOTE also that they added another co$ staffer to their stall as back up.... 8) wow! SP power rules :P

Other stallholders noted the co$ tactics... they are far from impressed.

It was reported that a Co$ operative (with tatoos of a flower on one arm and a hand on the other) tried what looked like a death stare at a suspect SP ..... it was returned, :lol: and after 15 seconds...FLUNK! he turned away with hands on hips. It wasn't frightening, I have been told, because we all know there are no OT's ...except in some Uncle Toby's breakfast cereals.
And they are crunchy. And engram free...

While chatting to customers, this co$ guy came down and made his presence obvious by literally getting uninvited into the conversation space, hoping his presence was intimidating .. he must have been frightened that the customer at that stall would be informed that the cchr people were co$ ( the customer already knew :lol: such is co$ notoriety)

After exchanging pleasantries, he scampered back to the cchr stall, and other stall holders mentioned that the co$ was watchg this suspect SP like a hawk. 8)

Anyway, the boss of the markets came down later on and said that he wanted the markets to be a happy place ...and that there had been an official complaint. The suspect SP stated his position, and said that he chatted only with people who approached his stall and who wanted to chat, was not thrusting pamphlets into anyones hands, and not approaching the cchr stall to confront its customers...unlike the co$ tactics.

After this chat, he left apparently satisfied ... however the exact nature of the complaint will be sought ...I bet it is full of crock and not representing the true picture..... :P They obviously want the SP banned ...but he is not doing anything wrong or illegal. Surely he has the right to talk to anyone who approaches his stall and who wants to talk with him. (But don't call him surely..... :lol: )

Anyway, it was amusing to be told that many flatly refused the cchr pamphlets, person who was handed a pamphlet looked at it, and was then observed to go back to them ..say something to them, then hand the pamphlets back. co$ were not amused. :(

The suspect SP said that people who had chatted the previous week to SP's had obviously gone on the internet and googled searched cchr + scientology, and wanted to give thanks for the information and the heads up. They did the research and saw truths and lies. SP's score=1, co$/cchr score=0 ...and Ocmb? ..definitely a thumbs up! even mentioned that he enjoys reading ocmb and has been recommending it to all his friends as a "must read".

Of course the co$ only targeted one person who they considered to be a SP.... but little do they know :wink:

Was the suspect SP intimidated? "Nah" was his reply. He and his mates will keep us posted.

The venusian traindriver AND CREW :wink:

Scientology deceives not only others, but also its own members.

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Post by Tigger » Sun Feb 19, 2006 6:38 pm


Cheers, Kudos, Hugs, Kisses and Medals for: Choochooman
The venusian traindriver AND CREW!

The U.S.A. needs Aussies like you.
Long may you kick COS ass.


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Post by Gladiator » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:20 am

Perhaps in view of the fact that there is " no connection " between cchr
and $cientology, and cchr exist to fight for human rights against abuses
etc, it could be a good idea to mention to them the need to investigate
( ideally noisily ) and expose the human right abuses that a group who
call themselves the church of $cientology commits all the times against
its own members and all those who are critical of it.

Being a citizen commission on human rights they should be interested about it . . .

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Enturbulation at Woden markets, Canberra

Post by venusian_traindriver » Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:01 am

Tigger, Thanks for the support and encouragement.

More would be appreciated. I know from comments passed on that people from Canberra read this board (other than paranoid OSA) and they support us. The handshakes, smiles and "thank you's" said say it all.

Also many of the rgular market stall holders know us, are friendly towards us, and had something to say about co$ when told that co$ had officially complained about us. They are witness to co$ tactics, and it's going to be interesting to read the "official" complaint details and compare them to the facts. Not good PR, co$... you are going further into negative territory. Its your word against many.

Most agree that there is nothing wrong with an individual talking to another interested individual about any topic they choose ...and people like co$ shold grow up and not try to intimidate them or trample on their rights to free speech. To sum up one person's comment, "Who wants to live in a world dominated by $cientologists who forbid anyone to believe other than what they deem everyone should believe".

People from Canberra can offer their suport by writing to "The Lions Club of Canberra City, Lions Southside Market, PO Box 62, Yarralumla ACT" and ask that the Lions club investigate fully any complaints by co$ against any stall holder, and not to take what co$ says as being 100% correct and also mentioning their harassment tactics. And also ask them to ensure that co$ plays by the same rules and does not harrass, intimidate or cause harm to any other stall holder who chooses not to believe in $cientology. We hope that it will remain a happy place.

If the $cientologists were to have a prominent sign boldly stating that CCHR is part of the church of $cientology, and stay within their stall and let people who are interested come to them instead of rushing around thrusting leaflets into the hands of passers by, then there woud be no need for anyone to speak out.

All we are doing is "filling in the gap" by advising people who approach us that CCHR is part of $cientology, and then tell those who respond favourably (over 95%) to do the research and google search for CCHR + Scientology. Nothing more than that, yet it terrifies the co$!

Also, any Canberrans attending the Woden markets are encouraged to ask the CCHR people if they are part of $cientology and judge their reponse.

If they reply "no" or waffle on to avoid a direct response ... then tell them that there is no way anyone could believe the contents of their pamphlets when they duck and weave and lie like that.

If they reply that they are ...then ask them why dont they advertise that openly and prominently! - and ask why are they hiding that fact.

Then wave and move on. Hopefully they might discover "truth in advertising".

I would like to stress that we are NOT advocating violence or agression in any form ...physical or verbal towards the co$ people ... thats a definite no no, and if anyone tries that, we will NOT support them. Dont be a fool... co$ want something like that to build their lies on.

Also we are not trying to exclude co$ from the markets ...they have a right to be there as any other ...including religious groups ... and we respect that right. But if the Mahikari people can advertise openly who they are, and dont push pamphlets onto passers by, yet they still get people visiting their stall, then why can't co$?

Maybe because L ron forgot to write down how to do it....... :wink:

The Venusian traindriver AND CREW <----note the plurality, osa :wink:

The only OT's are those in Uncle Toby's crunchy breakfast cereals 8)

Oh ... and if any of you co$ staffers want to "blow" before the ship goes under .. feel free to drop by ... I am sure the SP's could find another coffee cup and some spare biscuits... 8) The troubles in INT must be worrying for you.

The suspect SP can also introduce you to "David M" the carrion plant .... its flower uses a distinctive odor to attract blow flies in order to procreate ... you can even purchase it for only $10. :)

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lucy skywalker
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Post by lucy skywalker » Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:13 am

Choochooman The Venusian Traindriver and Crew,

Thank you for all you do! :D

It is good to know that the Co$ and its insipid counterparts are getting their lying little fannies whipped into shape across the world.

Your reports are always a breath of fresh air!

Do take note OSA folks this is definitely the truth ...

"The only OT's are those in Uncle Toby's crunchy breakfast cereals!"

Cheers to the Aussie Crew!

lucy :D

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Canberra Org still pushing CCHR

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Feb 26, 2006 5:21 am

Sunday as usual at the Markets.


1) They thought they could intimidate.... 8)

2) The nature of their complaint - "MBF" :shock:

3) More frightening than an OT's stare... :lol:

1) Well, they arrived and set up deliberately alongside the SP stall....... and everyone agreed it was an attempt to intimidate.... but what? We worry? :)

Again most of the the public flatly refused to accept a pamphlet. The co$ even chased after a passer-by to show him something in their literature .. but he did not want a bar of it and waved them away. People who approached our stall were duly informed, with a 100% thumbs up, and also some customers from previous weeks said they checked out what we said and "their eyes were opened".
We also warned people that the cchr/co$ were complaining about us "informing people who they are".. and the nature of their complaint. We got positive feedback.

2) The nature of the complaint? pure "MBF"... (Male bovine faeces).
Apparently some people who pretended they were not associated with cchr/scientology complained that "one of the stall holders is spreading slander" saying that cchr is associated with scientology. They produced the cchr pamphlets and cried that they are an international human rights organisation and they could sue the stall holder for slander - obviusly trying to bluff the market organisers to purge the entheta.

Well could they sue? Slander is spreading or making statements that are not true, and the best defense against slander is to prove that the statements are true. $cientology's own documents, propaganda, and previous court appearances are enough to show that the cchr's complaint is deceptive, and severely deficient in truth itself. The local Legislative Assembly has on record in Hansard (its official transcripts) a statement from one of the assembly members saying " organisation with the grand name of 'The citizens commission for human rights, which is part of $cientology..." Also the internet points to oodles of references linking cchr/$cientology....

so, sue for slander? -Well they might be able to bluff the charitable Lions club who dont want to get involved, but a magistrate or judge would soon cut through the bull. :P

3) More frightening than an ot's stare...

Now this is really scary! Several passers-by started smiling and pointing at the cchr stand...... so we looked to see what was amusing ...

.....well, lets say here is a warning to everyone - when you are wearing hip hugger jeans, and you squat down to tie up something ... you subject the public behind you to the spectacle of .... :shock: bumcrack! :shock:

Need I say more. :wink:

The venusian traindriver and crew (got it yet osa? its plural!) ( thats more than one)

"the only ot's are those in a packet of Uncle Toby's OT's breakfast cereal ...."

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Post by Ladybird » Sun Feb 26, 2006 5:41 am

OMG!!! This is rich...some of the juicest "MBF" yet...accusing critics of slander for saying CCHR is associated with Scientology???

ROTFLMAO :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Were these a bunch of newbies who had no idea who they were representing?

Aug. 20, 1999
The Northbrook star
3701 West Lake Ave.
Glenview, IL 60025

Staff writers, Kenneth Paatchen and Marc Alberts article on hate Literature was
right on target but this well written piece only scratches this ugly surface.

Many hate organizations are posing as churches and religions and their
poisonous hate literature is often distributed not by deranged skinheads but by
your neighbor down the street. It is an unfortunate truth that in this country
almost anyone can call anything a religion and can quite easily get tax-exempt
status from the IRS. Hence, many of the most sickening hate organizations are
operating with tax-exempt funds and congressional efforts are even being made
to give 'religions' special protection.

A good exampole of a hate organization posing as a religion is the 'Church' of
Scientology. Scientology funds a front operation called the CCHR or Citizens
Commission on Human Rights. This sounds good doesn't it, like a worthy
organization. In truth this is a very vicious hate group which distributes
sickening hate literature which targets the psychiatric/medical profession as a
group to destroy. This CCHR distributes literature to elderly/senior
organizations which portrays psychiatry as victimizing the elderly, it
distributes literature to minority area and groups which portrays psychiatry as
causing racial problems and divisions, and it distributes literrature to the
general public which portrays psychiatry as causing and responsible for rising
crime problems. This literature is quite graphic and sickening in the way it
portrays the psychiatric/medical profession as evil. This very slick and
vicious operation is financed with the Church of Scientology tax-exempt funds
and is promoted by scientology members. Most of you would be shocked if you
knew who some of the people are who are distributing this hate literature.


Jim Beebe

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