Sydney Org Castlereigh Steet

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Sydney Org Castlereigh Steet

Post by 'Alert' » Tue Mar 14, 2006 9:31 am

I know for a FACT that they are pushing for an ULTIMATE Org here.Their numbers have been dwindling for quite some time and mostly rely on Taiwanese Nationals and many other nationalities to try keep up 'stats'.There have been some individuals that have either left the joint entirely or have been sent to RPF.They are always rather empty with attendance and are having a 'Celebration' on the 24th of March at Randwick Racecoure.They are advising 'blow ins' that the 'Purif' is best done at Narcanon in Melbourne but is more expensive in comparison to the local Org.
They have changed their 'window' display in the last couple of months and have been spotted 'flogging' their wares at some flea-markets around Sydney.This particular Org sems to be shrinking and they are now mostly manned by under 25's and from the last event I attended,they are using second generation Scio's to try recruit others.
I attended a 'gathering' at the Glebe Org only to see that a vast majority of attendees were young and they had some SERIOUS security there as well.I'll try get some more refined details shortly.
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by Ladybird » Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:01 am

"They are advising 'blow ins' that the 'Purif' is best done at Narcanon in Melbourne but is more expensive in comparison to the local Org.
Your whole post was great, but the above quote is telling as DM and his current regime have been well known for biting the hands that feed their cult and cannibilizing the feild.

So what I hear from this statement is that if you need the Purif, in MONOPOLY terms is "do not pass go, go to the "IDEAL" org, and save 200 dollars.

Great, save 200 dollars by doing the Purif straight at the org...skip the front group gradient...blow 'em off right away.

Funny that DM decides to start applying KSW now...after all his squirreling of the Hubbard "tech".



michael pattinson wrote:

I have noted more fair game being used on activists such as Graham
Berry, Keith Henson and Jesse Prince. Here is a response by inputting
more truth about Scientology out there onto the
internet. OSA...the more you fair game people to poison
> their lives with the more truth will come out, and I and other truth activists are not about to run out of material any year soon.

Posting through Google from formatting in Microsoft Works,.......
which it obviously doesn't!

Somebody please reformat this!!!! lol.

When I first got into Scientology in 1973 and did my first course I
had to do the grueling star-rate checkouts (read a text, person asks for
random definitions, if you don't instantly answer correctly you get to
grind with a dictinary, restudy the entire text over again and get checked
again, and again...) on the Policy Letter
called Keeping Scientology Working series number 1.

Now that I have almost 30 years of experience with Scientology, both
as staff and public (client) I now see the text of KSW#1 in a different

Here is how it looks if you read between the lines after such a long
and disastrous experience as I had in Scientology.

As a good exercise program, I recommend that anyone RUN not
walk, from Scientology if they are ever contacted by it. If someone has a
family member who has become trapped into the cult mentality then either
cut off any and all of the person's finances (which may eject them as no
longer useful), or sue the cult for any valid reason, which makes the
family member repulsive to the cult and
they will most likely be ejected.


Sent-to-Hell Manor, East Grimstead, Nosex


Sent-to-Hell students
Slave-member Hat

Note: Neglect of this Police-you letter has caused great hardship on
me (Elron Flubbard) by costing me millions in personal financial gain,
enormous ego deflation and getting millions to escape the lies I put out
and the domination they come under as a result.

The neglect of it forced me to engage in an all-out (but cruelly
delightful) effort to intimidate, brow-beat, break and crush staff members
into doing My Will so Scamintology could survive internationally against
the basic vested interests who see through my scam.

Within 5 years after the issue of this police-you letter with me off
the lines of actual work and into the euphoria of taking drugs such as
pinks and greys violation of My Will (accorded to me by Aleister Crowley)
had almost destroyed the false churches I had set up to avoid taxes.

Quickie grades entered in and got people way up the false Bridge to
Nowhere before they could pay me everything they own. This both denied me
tens of millions in lost earnings and slavery to tens of thousands of
people. Therefore in my capacity as Lord Of Earth, Reincarnated Buddha,
Commode of the Imaginary Sea Navy, Source of Everything, and Infinite Ego
I decree and enact that actions which neglect My Will are HIGH CRIMES
resulting in Kangaroo Courts
under my supreme Whim on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES of my scam.
It is not entirely a tactic matter as I don't care if we are honest or
not, nor if people see they are being ripped-off. It is the BUSINESS (not
religion, you fools) OF EVERY SLAVE MEMBER to enforce My Will regardless
of whether it is destroying peoples' families, finances, sanity or


(Resistance is futile)

FCO Secretary must brainwash every new recruit with this and
eliminate any of them who dares to question MY Will or Absolute Authority
and Ego, quietly and without sorrow.

We have some time passed the point of working my scam by pretending
to own and control the technology that was originally plagiarized
from others. The only thing now is getting this scam applied to the whole
world. If you can't get the scam technology applied (including that of
scamming and getting away with it) you can't deliver to me what I made you
promise. It's as simple as this. If you can get the scam technology
applied you can deliver to me
what I made you promise. The best thing you can be up-graded for (in my
imaginary Navy) is to actually fail to deliver something valuable to our
clients (parishoners, lol) without them realizing that they got stiffed.
No results and bad results are the
hall-mark of a truly great scam. We must live up to that high standard and
never actually deliver anything of value for the millions we rake in.
Make sure that all gains (lol) are temporary if at all, and that all
payments to us are truly permanent. Attacks from
governments or monopolies only occur if we fail to get away with
delivering bad results and no results.
Therefore the road before Scamintology is clear and its ultimate
success as a total scam is assured if the scam technology is applied and
we get away with it forever.

So it is the task of every slave of whatever rank in Scamintology to get
the scam technology applied. Getting the correct scam technology applied
consists of;

One: Having the scam technology.

Two: Knowing how the scam works

Three: Knowing the scam technology really does scam.

Four: Teaching my slaves to apply the scam technology without
self determined thought or awareness.

Five: Applying the scam technology.

Six: Seeing that the scam technology actually makes tons of money,
money and more money and we don't get found out.

Six again: Seeing that the scam technology actually makes tons of
money, money and more money, MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY....and we get away
with it.

Seven: Hammering out of existence by any means, legal or illegal,
everything that could expose our scam.

Eight: Knocking out, killing, maiming, ruining, discrediting, harming,
P.I ing, litigating to death, setting-up, framing, smashing to a pulp,
etc........... anyone that sees throught the scam and tells about it.

Nine: Closing the door on any possibility that law enforcement or
anyone at all could put a stop to our scam.

Ten: Closing the door on any law-enforcement or internet public
opinion or victims efforts to stop us scamming till we own the whole

One above has been set-up to scam people beautifully.

Two has been achieved by many, and some of them don't even realise it is a
scam or that I am not really trustworthy, ....can you believe it?? lol.

Three is achieved by the individual scaminslave applying the
scam technology in a manner that puts money in my hands and they see that
I get it all.

Four is being done daily successfully in most areas of the world that I
have so far managed to contaminate with our scam.

Five is consistently accomplished daily, and it gets me huge amounts
of money without my doing anything of value, inflates my ego, permits my
tantrums on my wives and slaves and allows me to apply my favorite Black
Magic principle. Do what thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law by my
very good friend Aleister Crowley. Yumm.

Six is acheived by correct mafia tactics, false accounting, hidden
money-laundering, pay-offs of judges, DA's etc, litigation monstrosities,
blackmailing, false PR, lies, spamming of internet, framing critics with
false crimes etc....

Seven is done by too few as we have not yet achieved a million-staff
OSA network.

Eight is not worked on hard enough as some critics are still alive,....
even though our fanatical OSA mob has beaten them to a pulp over and over

Nine is impeded by stupidly reasoned ideas such as humane treatment, real
ethics, morals, truth, justice, fairness, kindness, honesty, etc...all of
which are FORBIDDEN in our organisation. For God's sake...we aren't really
a religion!! That's just for tax purposes, silly! ANYTHING goes if it
gets us money and we get away with it.
That's senior policy!!

Ten is seldom done with enough evil, ferocity, sadism, illegality or
arrogance. The mere fact that ANY law enforcement, critics, verbose
victims or pro-truth lawyers are still alive is an out-point of some
magnitude! Any internet presence that isspewing the hate of being scammed
is just religious bigotry against our very lucrative scheme that
religiously scams ALL its members, staff and public alike. We are equal
opportunity scammers and proud of it. We will scam anyone of any race,
creed or color without distinction.
. . .

In all the years I have been scheming (engaged in
research;, I have been open to plagiarizing any source of real
research and have been wide open to stealing their ideas. I once had the
idea that people other than myself had intelligence too. A third of a ton
of Ego has thoroughly disabused me of that idea. Willing as I divinely was
to condescend to listen to mere mortals and their suggestions only a
handful of the unworthy idiots ever said anything I could copy for profit.
I made my navy slaves
eat crows, beans and rice for going astray and suggesting they might
know better than me. Some even went overboard for it.

On the other hand, there have been thousands and thousands of ideas
which, if they had been accepted and acted upon, would have resulted in
our scam being openly exposed for what it is. This would have blown my
sanity to pieces. So I know what a group of free-thinking,
self-determined, high self-esteem people will do and how horribly sane
they will go in destroying workable scams which benefit me. My actual
percentages are about 80% to me (by proper money-laundering) ,15% to my
for-profit sales agents (FSMs) to invest with Reed
Slatkin, and 5% to orgs, running costs and staff for beans, rice and
roach-ridden hovels to live in. Actually the dollar amounts to staff
slaves and to me are about twenty (to them) to one hundred thousand (to
me). Its my scam and I reap the rewards. This point may be attacked as
unpopular, egotistical; or
unfair. It probably is. But I dont care. Its a big survival point for my
ego. I don't see that being popular, self-denying, or fair have ever done
anything to make me money. Scamintology is not a democracy. It is MY
PERSONAL Kingdom of Tyranny as SOURCE who gives Command Intention and
everyone in the jungle of humanity applauds and jumps to my every whim. If
they don't bow to photos of me or bronze bust idols of me they will get
to be corpses. They must all
be kept SUBSERVIENT and WEAK so Da Midget and OSA will get them to pay
income tax even though he false churches don't.

Our scamintechnology has not been connived and contrived by a group.
It is mine all mine!!!!!!! True, if the wretched zombie group of dedicated
unthinking ( I hope) numbskulls on staff and in my imaginary Navy, had
not slaved to untreated fatal illness and death
by malnutrition etc... for my personal profit while I was still only
megalomanic I would not have been able to come to my full glory of the
King of Scammers
> Worldwide (KSW) #1.

* * * * * * * * * * *
To be continued in part 2.....

and its shareholder international bankers who now own Scamintology.
Free use is granted to a.r.s and IRC anti-Scn. activists who can do
what they want with it.
ALL other pro-Scn goons (including Ava Pequitte and the Outlaw firm of
Moron and K.O.brain) have no rights to reproduce this text of mine without
infringing on copyright law, so they are forewarned.

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Working the Fairfield Markets

Post by 14944 » Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:29 pm

Red-shirted Scientologists were working the Fairfield Markets when I went there a few weeks ago, with free stress tests using an E-Meter.

I got a couple of photographs of that on my mobile phone. One shows the E-Meter clearly and the "FREE STRESS TEST" sign.

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Post by 'Alert' » Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:38 am

The most recent details I have for the 'services' of the 'Purif' is close to $1500 aussie dollars and that price was quoted 12 months ago so I will obtain what amount they are STEALING from participants.

I know EXACTLY what you mean 14944..they are making the rounds of many flea markets in Sydney and i WILL be looking for them im my area this coming weekend.

LadyBird...your posts are SENSATIONAL!! :beatingheart: reading your input makes my heart POUND,because I KNOW that there are many people in my country who will see this and inevitably moove into other parts of this sites Forums.THANK YOU!!! :lurk:
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by 'Alert' » Fri Mar 17, 2006 2:20 pm

For the price of $21,000 you can go to Narconon in Melbourne and do the 'Purification Rundown' and have your head filled with a truck load of bullshit and become another cog in the machine of the CoS and become another 'puppet' for a system designed to enslave YOU ALL!
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by 'Alert' » Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:35 am

Well, the more things change..the more they stay the same. 'Stats' in Sydney are apparently at an all time low. Events and celebrations bring little if any new recruits beyond the free cornchips on the night in the way of actually going to an Org. I have pictures of the Org on Castlereagh street that I have taken VERY recently and some 'close ups' will be coming soon enough. If I can 'slink' in through the door without being BUSTED..I'll get some pictures of the FILTHY and DECREPIT looking study room upstairs.

Staff are making quick trips around the block to hand out the 'free stress test' flyers..problem is though, sometimes someone follows behind 8) informing 'raw meat' that Scientology is going to put an electric charge through their body and try make them believe that they were bought here 75,000,000 years ago and incinerated. They looks on people faces are GOLD! The Sea Org here has been dessimated through 'blowing' members and declining applications.

Here is an image published in the premiere issue of the Ideal Orgs fundraising paper..NOWHERE does it say this the image is what they want it to look like(I need a scanner to allow the ability to read what they wrote about 'completion')..more like implied that it currently looks like this in 'reality'. Problem is Development Application has EVER been lodged with Sydney City Council..but scientology only want YOUR MONEY..then YOUR reality..then YOUR freedom
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by itsaline » Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:33 am

This from July 24 2006

New Civilization Builder


Founding Member Meritorious


Founding Member with Honors


Founding Member


Lidoran Roofing, Michael Watson & Michelle Wood

Humanitarian with Honors


Princeton Properties



Ron & Fay Pollard

Platinum Contributor


Alltime Constructions, Jenny Maartens and Trevor Eade

Diamond Contributor


Peter Fraser & Assunta Zhagget, Lindsay & Jenny Lane, Andrew Wenbourne, Joe Kingi & Maria Erai, Andrew & Julie Nott, Mary Szental, Colston & Cecile Vowles, Kuru Hunt, Doug & Delia Atcheson, Tim & Tina Van Wicken, Hubert and Churlya Wurfel, Pat Jarvis, Mike & Jeanine Carter, Andre Kortbawi

Gold Contributor


Peter & Hillary Shead, Allan & Marsha Mason, Daniel Chermack, Ken Klaebe, Greg & Ruth Bradley, John & Georgina Drivas, Ben Clutton

& Aniko Rosewood, Maria Silva & Ian Greenslade, Trevor Rosenberg, Mark Kingdon & Kim McDonald, Ray & Chayanee Wills, Liz & Nathan Mezentsef, Royce Dunn, Jacob Hassarati, Glen & Gaye Morrow, Wayne Clarkson & Juliette Ryland, Kim & Tim Fitzgerald

Silver Contributor


David & Beatrice Fong, Anna Holiday, Kevin & Vicky Mackey, Grant Jefford, Royce Dunn, Harley Kingdon, Chris Von Dinklage, Michael & Maureen King, Andrew McDonald & Maureen Chan, Sig Benotas, Judy Wilson, Barbie & Cassie Allsop, Steve & Pauline Maszlagi, Saul & Diane Hilderbrand, Rosy Lemon & Jeremy Williams, Di Deering, Julian Dirou, Willy & Linda Purtell, Harry & Kim Crawford, Di Welbourne, Harley Kingdon, Vanessa & Malcolm Duus, Steve & Sasha Treagus

You are all Highly Commended for your contributions to your Ideal Org. Keep up the great work.

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Post by itsaline » Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:22 pm

Is there any doubt what they are REALLY after?


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Re: Sydney Org Castlereigh Steet

Post by 14944 » Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:32 pm

So, since 2006 - are their stats up or down?

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Re: Sydney Org Castlereigh Steet

Post by Sponge » Sun May 08, 2011 5:44 pm

From ESMB 8th May 2011
Miss Pert, posting ESMB wrote:Here's a couple of text messages I received recently on fundraising for the Idle org.

"Hi Sydney Team, we have a new game where you can become a Spartan - one of 300. As soon as you donate $10,000.00 to the Sydney Ideal Org (all donations at this stage are tax deductable). (notice they say "at this stage" in regards to tax deduction) There will be a special recognition plaque awarded to acknowledge the great warriors that took us over the line. So become one that will be acknowledged at this Saturdays Fundraising Spartan event. Or you can flow towards becoming one this week! ML Jack Pinto" 6/5/11

and then this

"Hi Syd team, to keep the team in the loop, we have $1,685,100.00 left to start the Syd renos. START! Sydney won't only be responsible for clearing Sydney but also more than 3 billion people of Asia. So your donations will influence the freedom of half the planet's population. So let's give them the best chance they could have of duplicating LRH's legacy of the tech by moving to your next status. LRH ED 102 Int. 'One could look at this ideal org and know that this was the place a new civilisation was being established for this planet.' ML Jack Pinto" 6/5/11

Gee, it would be really great to have some smilies right now, though I can't decided whether it would ROFLMAO or the little smilie that throws up. Oh I just found the smilies, decisions decisions.
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Re: Sydney Org Castlereigh Steet

Post by anondelmundial » Sun May 08, 2011 7:15 pm

These reports of desperate fund raising efforts, worldwide, illustrate conclusively that Scientology is on its last legs. Davie might have a USD1,000,000,000 or more in IAS funds, but the Orgs have exhausted their public of every USD they have. The children have no money at all.

Unless money flows down to the Orgs, Scientology is heads on pikes. Money will never flow down to the Orgs, so heads on pikes, lining the approaches to the nearest bridges, is the order of the day.

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