IAS event Sydney 10th Nov 2007

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IAS event Sydney 10th Nov 2007

Post by 'Alert' » Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:20 am

Come to the 23rd Anniversary IAS Event

IAS 23rd Anniversary

In less than 2 weeks we will be showing the IAS 23rd Anniversary Event at the AJC Convention Centre, Randwick on Saturday the 10th, starting at 6:30pm.

The IAS event is traditionally the event where we show our outreach into the community and the steps we are taking to effectively handle planetary problems.

This year's event is no different.

In fact, this event focuses so much on how much we are winning across the dynamics that it is the perfect event for you to bring your friends and family, whether Scientologists or not.

Here are just a few of the amazing amounts of feedback we have had from the NON-Scientologists who attended the event in the UK:

“The work in the drugs field is fantastic! There is SO much being done. I want to do a documentary to show the work you are doing on drugs!”

“That event made me feel like I have to do more! Your outreach is amazing - by land, by boat, by plane and by cyberspace!!!! I want the drug booklets in my shop so I can get them out!”

“That event was amazing and remarkable - the magnitude of the programs - incredible! I am very impressed with the depth of the anti-psych campaign. I am also extremely impressed with the speed in which Chairman of the Board delivered the event too.”

“It was interesting to see how much more has been done and what is happening in the Scientology world. The more people that know about this information, the better.”

“This is one of the most professional events I have ever attended and your movement is a very vital movement today. The Criminal Reform Program is of the utmost importance and it is utterly amazing to see what you are doing on this line - all of your programmes are. Also especially the Human Rights Program working with children. I want to get involved - please let me know how. And as an additional point, do you have communications courses? I have never seen a speaker like this and I want to learn exactly how one can learn communication because of what I have seen. Please, please, please, please, please connect me up. I want to get involved!!!!”

“The statistics that Scientology expanded more in a single year than in the previous decade was very impressive. The technology now becoming more available to the general public is fantastic and I think you will need to prepare to deliver to a huge amount of demand. I am active with regards to the different social betterment programs you have and I will continue working with the Church, forwarding your different campaigns. Something can be done about it and the Church is doing it!”

“This is my first time at one of your events and it was very exciting. I learned a lot about Scientology and what you are involved in. I really want to get involved with the Church. I really got the message that you care about people with love and affinity.”

That is just a few of the amazing wins, so if you have EVER thought about bringing a non-Scientologist friend or a Scientologist friend who has not been to an event for a while, THIS is the event you need to bring them to.

Date: Saturday, 10th of November, 2007

Location: AJC Convention Centre, Randwick

Doors Open: 6:00pm * Event Starts 6:30pm

To confirm your attendance, Email us or call us at
AOSH ANZO - 9692 7300 or Sydney Org - 9264 7955

The actual event is being held in the Paddock Stand (that is what the actual name of where in Randwick it is being held).

Note the testimonials from the U.K? Familair syntax beinng used by 'wogs' that know next to nothing about Scn Inc?

The RSVP's so far have been, well, lets just say that desperation is what describes the event organisers to try get stats up in Sydney.

Will be lucky to see 300 people out of the 250,000 claimed clams there.

After the dismal attendence of Rons Birthday event, and the Dianetics event held at the Seymour Centre (That cost them lotsa money for a failure to attend by so many), this event will possibly be the worst turnout so far.
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by TMac » Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:34 am

LOL - ROTFPMP. :lol: :P :wink:

What a load. Who ever wrote that must think most Wogs are stupid and/or mentally impaired. They could have at least tried to make it read like more than one person wrote the text.


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