Canberra org anonymous protests

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Canberra org anonymous protests

Post by venusian_traindriver » Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:39 am

The purpose of this post is merely a cross reference for the Canberra anonymous to see that the venusian traindriver posting on their boards is the same one as posting here and is not an osa plant .

Note.. the clams cchr stall has only been at the woden markets once so far this year. Also .. please do not picket at this market.. its privately run by the Lions club as a community service (unlike cos :wink: ), and they have authority to eject troublemakers .. they have a non -tolerance policy to any activity that contravenes the conditions of their lease to operate. ..They get the AFP in quick smart! :wink:

But note also .. they got an eye on co$ too... I understand there have also been counter complaints that the clams had been somewhat confronting when pushing their crap. They are more low key now...

Sorry I won't be in town on 15 March .. attention any of the other train crewmembers!... any available to add support? Contact via usual stealth channel.

Toot toot

Choochooman and the venusian train drivers crew
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