Adelaide org recent move Dec 2010. Web find Jan 3,2011

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Adelaide org recent move Dec 2010. Web find Jan 3,2011

Post by Sponge » Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:07 pm

Found this on a blog. ... ientology/
The Adelaide office of the Church of Scientology recently moved. I took this photo as I walked home on Xmas eve. It was just after a mum with three teenage children entered the office, and that made me think… it is OK for an adult to make a decision to follow Scientology, or not. But why doesn’t a child get a choice. Why, when they are most open to influence, are they exposed to such radical ideas. I suppose this is common practice with religion, although many countries do not recognise Scientology as a religion. e.g. Chile, France, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Russia, Belgium. Unfortunately counties including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain , Sweden and US do!


So back to the photo. I thought the warped and twisted reflections in the windows had a subtle message, as did the empty park bench on the street. If you look closely you will see a Xmas tree in the right hand edge of the photo, which is odd as Scientology has little regard for Christianity or other religions.

fore reference, a subsequent post on wwp:
Zhent wrote:Very useful find. Some people on ESMB were just discussing it yesterday and were speculating the org had closed because the old address had closed down.

Adelaide, South Australia Org News? - Ex Scientologist Message Board

BTW. For reference the old address was 18 Waymouth Street, Adelaide South Australia 5000

The new address is 225 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000
ref: ... ost1387558

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