What is Org Patrol about?

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What is Org Patrol about?

Post by admin » Mon Jul 25, 2005 1:02 pm

Examples of what to report:
  • how many cars in the parking lot (are they really theirs, or are the spaces sub let?)
  • lights in the windows
  • people coming and going
  • any activity outside
  • special events
  • scans of brochures they give out
  • people leaving or joining the org
  • notes in the window
  • changes in windows display
  • recruitment ads in the window
  • opening hours
  • time it takes to answer the phone
  • someone standing in the door
  • tents in the parking lot for upcoming events
  • changes in attendance
  • renovations
  • sudden abandonment of renovations
  • slow decline
  • changing name from "Scientology" to something less infamous
  • full abandonment
  • change in age group (like older Gold staff moving to San Francisco)
  • change in techniques (column tech, Volunteer Minister schemes, Human Rights leaflets)
  • Sea Org taking over
  • pictures of their buildings and surveillance cameras
  • etc
Hopefully this will, over time, give us some historic knowledge of their activities and if there are any long term changes that are otherwise hard to notice. Always remember to add time and date for the observation.
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