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Scientology Church Spiritual Technology in Wyoming Maps
Scientology LRH Wyoming Drone
Sweeney Ranch
Sweetwater County, Rock Springs Wyoming
N 41.452372,- W -109.058211,20
Geohash coordinates 9x67y64jzm

Scientology Base Sweeney Ranch Wy & The nature of hyper reactive mind
Here Did Scientology Started to Drilling the hillsides in order to make a mine and store the Writings of L Ron Hubbard without any permission whatsoever. Scientology did not stop until worried locals told the authorities who ordered Scientology to stop their inappropriate drilling and destructive activities. Scientology was ordered to reinstate the place to it's original state. But Scientology have not taken any action to do so. Digged holes and landslides on the hillside have collapsed and material that could be poisonous is left in the nature

As many as 20 heavy trucks a day hauling construction materials and equipment rumbled down the valley's main old gravel road, passing into a gate marked with a "No Trespassing" sign. Helicopters flew in sling loads of cargo. Powerful work lights lit up the valley at night.

1994 Untouched nature million years old, cultural landscape
2006 Still Untouched. The Religious Technology drilling in the rock seems to have started somewhere in august 2009. When worried neighbors had to contact the authorities to get Scientology to end the rape of the landscape, it became obvious that this zone was market for agricultural activities and that the Religious Technology Mechanical Pneumatics by the church of Scientology had not permit whatsoever. So when Scientology had to stop, they left the bleeding nature with potentially poison, garbage and construction materials. The drilled Holes and hillside unsupported.
2014 Spiritual Technology from the Church of Scientology have marked the landscape and nature
2017 It seems that nothing happens at the location since 2010, but the collapsing of some holes and the hillside drilled by the Religious Technology of Scientology

contractor hired for the project has told them it intends to build a 22,000-square-foot underground storage vault to store documents in a landscape zoned for agricultural activities. Unknown if Scientology looks at the Scriptures of L Ron Hubbard is the dung wanted to composting or if it was the general criminality of Scientology that resulted in this senseless destruction of mother nature.

The once so Secret Wyoming Base does not seems to have been included in Scientology Microwave radio call signs By The Call sign: WQDK209 but who knows, the communication seems to be only internal and not with the world they live in.
http://www.interceptradio.com/fcc.php?s ... &cll=1&z=1
http://www.interceptradio.com/fcc.php?z ... an=1&cue=1

NOT Checked if Scientology Spiritual technology besides leaving the collapsed hillside even had installed Microwave radio in the area or polluted it with other kind of environmental electro-smog.
Scientology Church Microwave radio: Michael Choi - Several addresses mostly the same phones.

M H INC is an Interstate DOT registered company based in TWIN PEAKS CA. US DOT Number: 966626
The company operates 1 power unit(s) and 5 driver(s). The company has been registered US DOT since 10-JUL-01
MCS-150 Vehicle Mileage reported in 2014 was 1,298.
Contact M H INC by telephone: (323) 661-3524

25406 HIGHWAY 189

Mile High Inc.
Mathew Choi
419 North Larchmont Bl #86
Los Angeles, CA 90004
ATTN Mathew Choi

Scientology LRH and Scientology Scientologist expert Rinder about Wyoming base CST.
This beautiful landscape as an heritage to coming generations now with hillsides collapsed after the senseless drilling without any permission. Drilled holes have been reported collapsing. Why does the Spiritual Technology of Scientology Religion leaves so many scares and junk to mother nature?

The Religious Technology of Scientology emo-demo TLC @ Sweeney Ranch, Sweetwater, Rock springs Wyoming, Just leave the trash and the broken nature to take care of itself, no intention of restoring the area to what it was before the church entered.

Oh Great God in eternal Spaces save of from the Religious Technology of Scientology
Image The tiny blue line is part of the garbage left by the religious technology church of scientology

Ooh lord has it ever been anything dirtier than the holy war ... since it's mission is so important that it does not have to care at all. Homo Sapiens can not really know and understand so much of the Homo Novis higher levels of understanding and caring. Scientology fitness has not yet got David Miscavige's personal aspects of the matter, neither has Scientology Robert Duggan answered at the moment. Image
The nature of the Scientology and the hyper reactive mind appears to drilling holes in earth by the nature of it's tunnel-sight.

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