Narconon Conference touts Outcome Studies, Lies

Drug rehabilitation or Scientology front?
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Don Carlo
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Narconon Conference touts Outcome Studies, Lies

Post by Don Carlo » Sat May 04, 2013 12:34 am

Ridiculous and oblivious to Narconon's impending disaster, this April 2013 Oklahoma conference of Narconon executives had only about 50 people in the audience.
New orgs coming!
Mentions of various foreign Narconon programs. Please note if you recognize anyone.
Jeannie Trahant got a crystal award from Narconon Int President Clark Carr.
Bogus charts. Narconon grads get jobs, sure... at Narconon.
Inmates of Ensenada State Prison in Baja, Mexico, did Narconon. (With taxpayer dollars, likely) But Narconon isn't a religion, except when they say it is.

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