The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates

Drug rehabilitation or Scientology front?
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The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates

Post by AnonyMary » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:25 pm

The latest from Narconon Reviews, on the 6th Anniversary of the death of Cody Bates.

Locked away from the general population, under 3 days of negligent care while under going unlicensed medical detoxification and withdrawal at an unbranded Narconon in San Francisco, Cody Bates hung himself 6 years ago today. Read the circumstances and how this Narconon and a scientologist were held responsible.

The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates ... ody-bates/

Rest In Peace
Courtney Graham “Cody” Bates
August 5, 1977 – August 27, 2007

~ Mary McConnell
Mary McConnell, is my nom de plume. I help expose the Narconon scams, help victims and document the fraud. Google Narconon scam.
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Re: The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates

Post by anondelmundial » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:10 pm

I had always wondered about the ...New Life Centers... At some point, NLF was discussed very briefly at alt.religion.scientology. It was well known about NLF using "flop houses" for their clients.

"The ravages of drugs had taken their toll and Cody was ready to get and stay clean."

I am an alcoholic. I know perfectly well that I am capable of convincing others of my being "ready to get and stay clean". I have made this promise several times, and have done everything I could to continue drinking, hiding it as only an addict can do. It is major, serious work.

It is probable that Courtney Bates did the same, but came to the realization that his addiction and his pain would have no end. It is important that I note that we addicts KNOW THAT THERE WILL LIKELY BE NO END TO OUR ADDICTIONS.

Our drugs of choice are our best friends, and our worst enemies. "The way out is the way through". Suicide is the only viable option for those of us addicts who have the realization that our lives have no point and the pain of addiction must end.

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Re: The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:14 am

I hear you, but young people should try everything except suicide. Maybe in a few more years science will find better addiction treatments.
Unfortunately, patients are ripped apart by the simplistic blaming and shaming at Narconon (along with unscientific quackery, lax supervision, criminality and drug use by Narconon staffers). At the very least, a drug treatment program should do everything to prevent suicide.

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Re: The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates

Post by Demented LRH » Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:27 pm

Although I have used some drugs (mostly marijuana and cocaine) and alcohol, I quit using them at some point in my life when they begun affecting my heart rate. I have never reached the addiction stage, so it is not my place to judge the drug addicts.

As far as I know, not a single anti-drug program attempts to prevent the suicide -- this is a job of a psychiatrist/psychologist, not a drug detox specialist. Unfortunately, in many cases drug addicts do not seek professional help from mental care specialists, which may lead to suicide.
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