Wikipedia spanish & Narconon Spain

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Wikipedia spanish & Narconon Spain

Post by Yolanda » Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:26 pm

Hello, i´ve just seen that the article of Narconon has been translated to spanish.

I´m actually quite surprised that there wasn´t one already, good that we have one now ;)

I invite the spanish people or spanish speakers ( more likely writters ) to cooperate if they have info with valid references ( Wikipedia iron rules...).

For instance, i´ve read in some blogs, that the house in which is located, Narconon Spain, Los Molinos, was given to them for a famous spanish singer, Lola Flores, but i couldn´t find information enough to be solid enough in order to add it, so if anyway could provide some info about this, would be great, thx !

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