proposal to officially register Xenu Church Incorporated

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Xenu Church
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proposal to officially register Xenu Church Incorporated

Post by Xenu Church » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:25 pm

This topic is created to discover if you think it is good idea to register the official church that will protect all the scientogy critics and make it work to be more effective.

This is open letter about Creation of the Church that describe everything.

Hereby, the creation of the Church of Xenu is declared

The goal: to protect your members from the evil corporation, which persecutes them for their beliefs. Protecting the human rights of the rights freely express their disagreement with the mind control cults. Exposing such cults and their dangerous activity to society.

Religious goal:
(to get the religious status and free from taxes) The organization is based on the Hubbard myth of Lord Xenu, who lived many millions of years ago in a distant galaxy and tried to solve the problem of overpopulation. For his effort to resolve the problem he was unceremoniously arrested by "loyal officers" of the galactic confederation and sent to prison on Earth for many millions of years. Later on Hubbard who associated himself as loyal officer lied about Lord Xenu and created the paranoid structure under guise of the Church. According to the myth, Lord Xenu should now be released and can be reborn here on Earth. Parishioners of the Church of Xenu believes that by fighting lawfully with the descendants of loyal officers of the galactic confederation, from the so called “Sea Org”, they will help Lord Xenu reborn and solve the problem of overpopulation on planet Earth. Even though this might sound crazy but why not? Every religious could have crazy myth so why this not? Therefore the members of this church will worship to crazy staff and totally aware that this staff are totally crazy.

1) Cooperation with psychologists, psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies (enemies of "Galactic Officers") in the field of counteracting cults that brainwash people.

2) Obtaining funding and donating to their shares and exposing, including from pharmaceutical companies.

3) Selling and distributing books, videos and articles in relation to Scientology and other manipulative techniques. The church should have its own Bookstore, which in itself will be profitable.

4) Legal protection and moral assistance to people persecuted and harrased by the descendants of "galactic officers" for their beliefs, their critics and their rights to publicly state their own opinion.

Motto: Xenu will come and will bring order!

The initial task: registration, exemption from taxes. Renting premises or buying real estate near Scientology organizations around the world so that you can quickly conduct your work and organize your protest events.

In the event that Scientologists and their allies press the Xenu Church or its members, document in detail, flood them with multimillion claims, apply to the parliament that the right to freedom of religion is violated and claim damages and depriving the violators of tax exemption status.

ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT: Do not lead on provocations, all actions should be done only within the law. This will contradict to the loyal officers behavior who as was proved by the their history involved in violations of the law and continues lying to the environment and their own members. Church of Xenu should operate on completely different modus operandi.

Anyone (without restrictions) can take this plan, register the Xenu Church, conduct useful activities and receive donations for their activities. Pharmaceutical companies, if they competently approach and demonstrate the ability to conduct effective protest events against those who making trouble to them, might agree sponsor the activities of such a Church.

The Xenu Church will not have a centralized totalitarian structure, it will be organized according to the principle of the anonymouse group, wikipedia, open source and globalism movement. The churches will cooperate in seeing the effectiveness of each other's actions and even if the scientologists register several branches on their behalf, it will immediately be clearly seen and other churches will block it as scientologists cannot work on the modus operandi of open source. It is very important to have maximum transparency in actions and goals.

Please spread the news about the establishment of the Xenu Church as widely as possible and let's run your activity and protection of religion status and get donations for that!

Don Carlo
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Re: proposal to officially register Xenu Church Incorporated

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:38 pm

Good luck with that, and welcome, Xenu Church. If you are considering this in the US, the difficulty is to get a 501(c)3 status. ... anizations

Xenu Church
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Re: proposal to officially register Xenu Church Incorporated

Post by Xenu Church » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:31 am

Thank you, Don Carlo. The main idea behind this is that you cannot effectively fight with the totalitarian machine alone or with the weak organization structure. Organization should be strong and religious structure can be very strong and protected by the first amendment. It can be named Church of Xenu or Church of Mind Control Busters. Whatever. But it should protect all the scientology critics world wide and any instance of harassment should be properly documented and treated as an attack against the Church and First Amendment. Only in such a way and constant exposure and putting the light on the matter we can reform totalitarian structure of chronical lyiers and make it to reform into something more socially acceptable.

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