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Gothenburg Sweden, Saturday May 17, 2003

My name is Horst Graben. I was up in Sweden for a week long, outdoor, public science festival and was shocked to find a giant yellow Scientology circus tent planted in the middle of the downtown festivities. The circus clamwns were from a traveling �Scientology Volunteer Minister Cavalcade�. They had the sidewalks covered with men, women, and boys and girls as young as 8 dressed up in yellow Volunteer Minister costumes and passing out flyers. Well shucks, I rustled up a costume of my own with some roller skates, a hardhat, leather chaps, a white labcoat, goggles, and to drive the point in, a sign on my back that read �Scientist Volunteer Minister�. I went down there the next day, in character, and armed with some flyers of Ron Hubbard quotes - stuff about �deleting supressives� and �disposing of people quietly�.

When the ministers first saw me, 4 or 5 of them immediately formed a cluster and started to point and laugh in obvious amusement. I was skating up and down the sidewalk in from of the circus tent and having a blast handing out flyers. Very soon though, 2 alpha males came out of the tent and the mood changed quite suddenly. One was quite enturbulated and was making verbal threats and pushing me around a little - eventually, he grabbed all my flyers and ran off.

The other man was not dressed in ministers clothing, but did have a distinctive Bridge publications hat on (no lettering, just a logo). I wouldn�t tell him my name and he wouldn�t tell me his, so I�ll call him �Pear�. Pear tried to work his mojo on me by telling me that I needed a police permit and when I invited him to call the police, he did. A policeman did come and I rolled over to explain that I was simply there for a little peaceful protest. Pear told the policeman an acceptable truth about my physically blocking the work of the ministers, but the cop was PTS and drove away.

Although we got off to a rocky start, Pear and I spent the next hour or so together chatting quite amiably about the fallibility of the tech - neither one of us could understand how all that assembled theta was unable to be at cause over a single suppressive who was wobbling ever so dangerously over the pavement in roller skates. And although he pretended not to be amused, I know I cracked him up when I went over to a 10 year old minister and exclaimed �CAPTAIN MISCAVIGE !!! WHAT AN HONOR IT IS FOR US TO HAVE YOU VISIT!�. All in all it was a very pleasant day and I was most grateful to Pear for his company and good spirits.

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Horst, I especially liked the outfit! :) :)

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Post by freedom_man » Sun May 25, 2003 4:21 am

LOL! The comment to the ten-year old is just priceless... LOL!

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Post by songbird » Mon May 26, 2003 6:07 am

Priceless!! :)

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Post by horst_graben » Mon May 26, 2003 9:32 am

There's more! When I hailed Caption Miscavige (Hey, it was an honest mistake! both are 4 foot 2 munchkins with bad haircuts and wear faces of intense emptiness), the nasty leaflet grabbing minister went into a Heber Jentzsch imitation "YOU DID THAT TO A CHILD !!!! HAVE YOU NO SHAME !!!!"

Also, when I first met him, Pear postulated that my sign, "Scientist Volunteer Minister" violated Scientology copyrights:

[me] Volunteer ?
[Pear] No
[me] Minister ?
[Pear] No
[Me] Scientist ?
[Pear] It certainly sounds like Scientology!


Post by Dingdång » Mon May 26, 2003 9:51 am

You´re a hero. All my respect to you! :)

Take care! :)


Post by Katie » Mon May 26, 2003 6:54 pm

Horst - ROFLMAO!!

Such chaos, such entheta - it's masterful. Our orderly little pickets pale by comparison.

Although I have suggested we do some street theatre - just a little tableau of a volcano with big bad Xenu blowing up the innocent little thetans. I'm sure a 12 foot papier-mache volcano couldn't be that much trouble to get on the train!

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We're going to picket the Gothenburg org in 2006. Will you join?
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