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Post by hartley » Mon Aug 27, 2001 6:10 pm

Scientology Expo 2001

This Exhibition was picketed by ARSCC(UK) on both Saturdays (18th & 25th August) of its run.

It seemed to us to be aimed at making the CoS 'respectable' rather than attracting punters.

Reports were posted to ARS.

UK pickets are not announced in advance, for more information please contact one of the regular picketers such as myself.
ARSCC Demographics Department
Still looking for 9,950,000 scientologists.

richard ford

Post by richard ford » Tue Aug 28, 2001 12:19 pm


I do not go every Sunday to speakers corner, but I go from time to time. If you are available we could go together.


Post by Spatch » Thu Aug 30, 2001 6:27 pm

Notice that the Scientologists have started advertising on the London underground.

As well as the more regular "open your mind" stuff they are promoting their Narconon program "250,000 saved from drugs" message.
This proclamation of the program's effectiveness, is inspite of the lack of any scientific validitation.

Looks like the CoS is trying the "Healthy living/Rehab" approach to lure in more suckers/victims.

I dont want to think if they start advocating Criminon over here.


Kreb Dragonrider

Post by Kreb Dragonrider » Thu Aug 30, 2001 11:52 pm

Scientology Expo 2001

I joined ARSCC(UK) picket against the money-grabbing and evil cult of $cientology.

It was a very hot day, and I was even hotter,
having cycled from Lewisham where I had stayed with my brother.

The ARSCC(UK) regulars were there, complete with
portable PA system, banners, and well-written leaflets. Great to meet them.

Vast majority of people in Westminster were tourists doing Westminster Abbey, and finding
that sanctuary more attractive than the Scieno

A swing band a front of Co$ stationed on a piece
of grass in front of QEII Conference Centre,
provided backing music for: suppressive raps and songs: vocal by the intrepid bearded Dave at the picket.

We were photographed by a clam. As I have had been
spied upon by private detectives, as an experienced anti-road protestor (and now a peace
protestor against all forms of war), such attempt
to enturbulate failed completely upon me.

Also I had long conversations on two separate occasions, with scientologists.

One woman took 2 leaflets from me and tore them up
- and only then realised she was working for the Co$!

At one point their blue and white $cientology bus
drove over and parked in front of the picket. The bus however did not remain for very long, when I returned to my place in the picket. This happed to be by the front door by the driver. As he saw me hold aloft a banner and heard me say in a loud voice "$cientology is a fraud, $cientology is a $cam, dont spend £250,000 crossing the bridge", the driver became suitably non-confront and drove away!

I have enjoyed helping out on this good cause to warn others of this evil cult and scam.

Though you will usually find me protesting against nuclear weapons, etc.

Blessed Be,

Kreb Dragonrider.

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