Brighton, UK, May 10th

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Brighton, UK, May 10th

Post by TRS » Tue May 06, 2008 10:23 pm

There is a picket comming up on May 10th, outside the Brighton org at 11am.

Organised by Anonymous, but anybody is welcome. Oldguard, ARSCC, if ur around, come along!


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Post by antiscn » Wed May 07, 2008 2:23 pm

Looks like they are already preparing for Battletoad Earth;a guy who was at the Scieno HQ window at the last protest was also there today with the window open,leaning out...looking for Sp's?he was wearing a white shirt with a black tie again.Do Scientologists usually dress that smart or do you think he was a security guy?Could be just a Scilon looking at all the people enjoying the sun and their freedom!

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Post by TRS » Wed May 07, 2008 5:21 pm

i think its entirely possible they're getting paranoid. We need to do more miniraids... nothing wrong with confirming their suspisions! :D

ps i hop u didnt let him see you snaping a pic of him!

TRS aka narCONon

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May 10th Post Game Report

Post by TRS » Sat May 10, 2008 7:03 pm

Picket in Brighton, UK:

Piccys comming.

Today was truely a win for anonymous

Numbers: 12 (yes, thats right, we've more than doubled our numbers since last time)

Flyers handed out: No exact number as yet, but at least 2500. (including 1000 youfoundthecards)

It only took the $cilons about 5 mins to ring the police. They where very nice, and jst mentioned the area was a bit crowded (the socalists had a table out) and told us we MIGHT like to move away a bit. they made it clear they weren't telling us to move, jst suggesting it. We comlied (aways gd to keep the police sweet) After the left we devided into two flyer/picket sign teams and owned the entire area. We kept catching a certain grumpy lookin scilon filming us out the window. We offered him caek, but he didnt want any (odd that).

jst before midday, Bride of Frankenstien arrived, not to protest (had small children) but to deliver to us to epicly awsome CULT WATCH signs, which provided much lulz. Thanx to u and ur kids, BoF

About 1pm, juan10100 arrived, making our numbers 12. He made a sign saying:

22 innocents tortured and murdered by scientology

but before he even finished it, the police arrived. Apparently a "member of the public" had rung them, saying the sign was offensive. After a potracted discussion with sed police, he agreed to bin the sign and make another one, which he did.

We moved back into our normal area once the socialists had gone. With 12 people we pretty much filled the area with flyers and signs. We still kept looking up and seeing grumpy scilon filming us from the window. We also had some musak, so we well and truely Rickrolled him weneva we saw him, which was funny. Odd thing was he came out the org w/out a camera, and just stood silently by the door. we offered him caek, and to pose for a group photo for him, but he jst ignored us. Eventually he jst went back inside, and resumed filming us from the top window.

After much more chanting, rickrolling, flyering and winning, some who we recognised from the Telly came over to talk: Britanons, if u've seen the show Balls of Steel, then THE BIG GAY FOLLOWING came over to talk. Turns out he's very anti-scientology. After a quick chat with us, he went over the the front door of the org and rung the intercomm. He then said in his campest voice "Are you comming down, darling." they refused, so he took out a marker pen and wrote (i kid you not)


on the plaque nr the door. Much lulz followed this. However, after this we had to scapper sharpish, as the scilons rung the police, blaming the graffitti on us, and we STUPIDLY didnt have any photos of him writing it.

However, one more surprise was waiting for us. Jst before we left, mr Grumpy Scilon came out, and actually chatted to us! It turns out he was a bit slow and dim, and after 30yrs (yes, 30 YEARS) in scientology he wasnt even clear! lol.

After that retiered en mass to burger king and ate stupidly large amounts of burgers and chips!

All in all, a true win for anonymous, and a further downstat for scientology!

Photos forthcomming


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Post by TRS » Sat May 10, 2008 8:18 pm

Photos (finally)

Jst guarding the door:

Cultwatchin' time:

Not a lot of people knew this:

It's the Ood:

Filming me filming you:

Grumpy Scilon guy filming us:

Not yet, chaps. Soon but not yet:

I think his footz hurt:

Two anons, winning:

Karate CHOP:


Girlz, on mah internetz?

OMG its soo hot!

Jst takin a rest:

Thumbs up, dudes:

You wish!

Does u can haz flyer?

Peace out dude!

Shade, blessed shade:

Beards. I haz dem:


OMFG its the BIG GAY FOLLOWING speaking to the scilons:


Im not kidding. The Big Gay Following wrote this!

Grumpy Scilons isn't so grumpy after all:




Post by Kilia » Sat May 10, 2008 8:35 pm

Thank you so much for the photos, TRS.
Bravo and well done! :)

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Post by antiscn » Sat May 10, 2008 9:42 pm

Thanks for your support Kilia!
Yes we had a great day.
a few people said they wanted to join the next protest.
We had a long conversation with a Scientologist from East Grinstead.He's a Book One Auditor.He asked me if i had been a public,but I had to tell him I was never in.i think he was a bit surpirsed by some of the things we knew about their beliefs and practices.
It was great to talk to a Scientologist who wasn't angry and defensive or scary,even though he had 12 people picketing his Church.
Apparently he used to come on here sometimes.
I'm not sure whether we sowed any seeds of doubt in his mind,but he certainly didn't seem to think of us as evil SP's or criminals.

I will post pics soon.

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Post by antiscn » Sun May 11, 2008 11:54 pm

So many things happened on the day,we met so many people.
I met two young girls (around 16 years old) who had lost a friend to Scientology.She had gone off to join some Scientology 'school' if i remember rightly and never spoke to her friends again.They were clearly very sad about it.I told them about and that it was possible that one day their friend might wake up and leave and that they shouldn't give up.
talk about making a bad impression on the public.Yet again,scientology proves itself to be it's own worst enemy. :roll:

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Post by antiscn » Mon May 12, 2008 8:20 am

Excellent protest video thanks to Huey_d over on

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