Brighton,June 14th,Post Game.

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Brighton,June 14th,Post Game.

Post by antiscn » Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:16 am

14 protestors in attendance.Very little Scilon presence,in fact two Scilons left the Org soon after we arrived.Maybe they were off to Saint Hill.
A young Scilon girl told our 'Free Hugs' Anon that she couldn't hug him because he was an SP (how sad is that??)
(thanks to teh_platypus and Anonymous-H)
Lots of public support.I met a woman whose brother had been in the sea Org which was a very worrying time for her family.He eventually got out of Scientology and is doing ok.She was overjoyed to see us,the emotion was totally genuine.another woman who had been at the London Book Fair and seen the scilons there said she wanted to join us on the next protest.She had friends of family that had been involved in Scientology.
We had an Anonboat and a suppressive chicken.We had cake,and the sweet sounds of Chocolate Rain.
A documentary filmmaker took our info as she may want to do something on us.NarCONon gave an interview for a local magazine.A photographer from a news agency took loads of pics.Another local magazine took photos.WIN!!
No police came in the time i was there-Scilons seem to have given up on that front,or the police have got tired of them!
Anonymous_H's photos: ... %20ARRRGH/
NarCONon's pics

We has video courtesy of huey_d ... -uk-18419/

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Post by TRS » Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:37 pm

Yea, twas a good day... many lulz where had and we gave out a good 2000 fliers easily!

we also has moar vids

and also, me and teh_platypus where talking about an SP declare for Anonymous, so ive done a first page (moar to come)
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