September 20th & 21st, Plymouth

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September 20th & 21st, Plymouth

Post by TRS » Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:12 pm

Anonymous is organising a larger picket in Plymouth on the 20th September, to give backup to our /b/rothers there, who are having a hard time.

Critics from all over the country are strongly encouraged to go to this. Lets make those smug Plymouth Scilons shit bricks, eh?

Londanon and Brighton Anon are alredy confirmed for brawl, so if anybody is around, get in contact.

Currently, people are looking at booking rooms to stay the Night in Plymouth, as its a long way to travel in one day.

Current possibilites are a Youth Hostel or Premier Inn. Will try to get details of these places from the Anon who was planning this, and has now quit chanology in an epic BAWWW.

Anybody around who could help out with this?
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