Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Gateshead) Sat.4th Oct. 08

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Gateshead) Sat.4th Oct. 08

Post by Sponge » Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:02 pm

3pm Saturday Oct 4th 08

This is a new planned "Ideal Org." in Newcastle (Gateshead). The Sunderland cult is having a bit of a do in the function room of the pub next door to this decrepid bombsite of a building.
Meet at the Black Bull, 3pm. Usual gear, V masks and scarves/sunglasses as backup.
Read through this thread on the SciExp forum for all the details. ... t-4-a-455/
(2 definite bods confirmed for protest at time of writing this and possibly more yet to confirm . Join the Scientology-Exposed forum to let them know you are attending or post here).

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