Plymouth 8th November protest report

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Plymouth 8th November protest report

Post by grathuln » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:30 pm

We had our protest today, 8th, usual epic win. Had a spot of bother with some local kids (NOT SCILON KIDS BTW) between around 11 - 13; they ran off with one of the signs and were going around shops with it. Police called on none emergency number and we were advised by the police that if it was to happen again call the emergency number to have the kids removed. They were all cool about it and checked out the situation on CCTV.

We did an org protest for a couple of hours, which the guy running the new shop we were near was concerned would affect his business, he was ok though by the time we left to go in to town to find the cart. We had film man with us again, who held a sign saying "the scientologists won't answer my questions. Free Speech!?"

Town protest went exactly to plan, the cart stayed around long enough for us to notify the public and get footage we wanted. They then did a decoy run, where they head off to a random location, wait a while to see if we go away and then head off either back to town or back to the org. We'd explained about the decoy run at the last protest to the camera guy so we wanted them to explain it.

In classic style we followed them to the random location and then split up with the majority heading back to town to protest without a cart, Stu heading off to make sure the other cart wasn't out and two people staying to watch the cart until it returned to the org. Which it did.

They had another public scilon family with them when we turned up at the cart, bonus footage taken by the camera man of scilons showing just how brain washed they are. They challenged the three of us who were masked to take off their masks; "if you believe in what you protest you should show your faces" and "what are you scared of." lines. The majority of us were un masked but they couldn't deal with us so they ignored our challenges to talk to us.

Finally, for some reason they decided to take the cart in the org around the back, which meant they had to dismantle it to get it in. Aww shame.

We had two new people with us today, one who came up for the furries protest and joined ours instead and one who joined us off the street.

Loads of fliers given out however quite a few refused because they already knew it was a dangerous cult and they totally supported us, which is also nice.

Anonymous is at cause and we have some interesting things coming up for them towards Xmas.

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