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Operation Clambake Message Board • Guest Book 2012
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Guest Book 2012

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:42 am
by JustGirl
New visitors please say hello here. For lengthy discussions use Opinions and Debates.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:40 pm
by Adotri
HELLO !!! HELLO!!! HI!! Intergalactic Beings....
I did not want to reveal myself but I must ... I AM the great CORNHOLIO...XENU'S older brother who does not get mentioned in the "scriptures" of scientology because the Hubbard dude who wrote them actually had the wrong biological implant...yes he did...so sorry...I know it hurts but he did. HERE is the truth of truths...ready?
I AM the way to being clear/helping humanity/obtaining freedom/happiness/creating a better reality/ etc. etc. etc. etc. And guess what, I will show it to you and a fraction of the cost you are currently paying and to make it even more appealing to you It does not require for you to come to work for me..
$100 bucks for the whole thing...I'll throw in a couple of post-it notes also...
if you don't believe I am the real deal, check out the evidence: My writings have been translated intergalactically in 30000 different languages and my religion is the fastest growing religion southeast of Uranus...The greatest Thermian (look it up) actor in the world received our highest honor: the medal of PONZI (not sure how we got that name..it may be related to how certain type of individuals follow..err send money to certain kind of leaders)
Anyway...if you want to send me the $100 please scratch the fingernail of your left thumb while standing up on your right foot and the address will be revealed to you of where to send the $100...alternatively, if that does not work for some reason please start reciting the chinese alphabet backwards in German. Now if you can't figure that one out either well you'd better start reading...the TIME IS NOW...THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY DEPENDS ON YOU!!!

P.S: On a serious note...THANK YOU for your efforts on unmasking this cult. Many blessings to you all...

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:40 am
by visitor
I used to live on the west coast of Florida & have had some small interactions with scientologists over the years.

I like to keep up on their craziness just because I think, like fungus, scientology thrives in the dark.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:37 pm
I have family members within this cult, and, besides the fact that they cut off anyone who does not buy into their thetan/xenu fairy tales - what is most sickening is that their own children are indoctrinated from day one with no option of knowing a life otherwise, or freedom to choose their own life path.

I've seen the Clearwater beach offices first hand. It has the same cheap linger of hustling and fleecing that a 2nd hand car dealership does.

Thank you Operation Clambake. If you can encourage only one person to research into their options and question the credibility of this organisation before they plunge headfirst into a life of bizarre existence, your work will be worthwhile.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:40 pm
Greetings brothers and sisters.
I've been meaning to stop by for a while.
The Church of Scientology has to be fully exposed to the World.
Any Scientology members reading this please take note of the following.........
Your family love you, your family needs you, you have been radicalised, you ARE a member of a cult, YOU, ARE, AN, ADDICT.
It's never too late to get out, there's help for you if you just reach out for it.

All the best Xenu.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:20 am
by Franny
I am forever grateful to my daddy for refusing to sign a release for me to join staff, around 1979, in Seattle, when I was 15. I was angry at the time, but when put me through a "PTS (Potential Trouble Source) Rundown", sent to the Guardian's office and coached - word for word - how to educate my dad, who was labeled a suppressive person, whose influence I would need to "disconnect" from, I started to get nervous . I quietly slipped away, remembering all the questions about the IRS and the FBI, and all of those books of rules. I am very lucky.

I have just found this site, and want to do what I can to help, carefully. Thanks for the work you do. I will register. I am a little nervous, but I can't let them censor me over 30 years later.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:10 am
by spookles

A couple days ago, I signed up and posted an introduction in the introductions section and soon thereafter got a message saying I've been permanently banned!! I don't understand why. Could anybody help?
email: vancewoodward@gmail.com.

We're happy to have you and sorry we banned you by accident, Vance. I'mglib and I delete sometimes 500 spam posts a day and occasionally someone with an unusual name gets swept up. Go ahead and post three times. I'mglib or I will approve your three posts, and then you'll be permanently registered. I'mglib and I try to do our mod work approval/ spam control daily.

Guest Book 2012

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 11:13 am
by Abrahamswigsymn
Hi guest,
New posters after registering need to submit three posts that are approved as readable and about Scientology. If you cant post, you may have been banned by mistake during a sweep for spam. If so, please tell us your user name and well un-ban you.
Your mod, Don Carlo.

Re: Guest Book 2012

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:53 am
by Shipmate1
I saw that there is a list of names of people who were on the Apollo. It's listed as "Need help with list 453 Apollo survivors".
I'd like to contribute to the list but don't know how to get to it on your sight? Can you help? I was on the ships in Europe from 68 to 74 and I can still remember some of the people who were there.

My parents got me in the cult in 1965 and I walked away in 1986. I still have a parent who is deep in SCN and can be hurt by them. So I sit quietly by until the day when I won't have to. I have to admit, after all these years being quiet is getting harder and harder to do. I subscribe to Tony Ortega's blog and am happy to see that so many people are stepping up.

It would be good to log on from time to time and maybe encourage those who have been beat up by SCN. There aren't a lot of resources out there, books to read of course, but also International Cult Studies Ass. is an organization that helped me. Scientology is all about mind control, for power and financial profit. Understanding what they did and how they did it can help a great deal in recovering from this kind of abuse.

My very best to you all,

WELCOME SHIPMATE1. Just post right on any thread like the Apollo thread, and I will approve the first three posts. Then you become a regular poster. To conceal your identity, leave out tell-tale info about your family situation, Scientology jobs, and distinctive stories about yourself that an OSA snoop could use to figure out your identity. New names and info are quite welcome on the "Need help with Apollo survivors" thread, and you could simply list them without revealing your relationship.

Scientology linked to the death of family of 4 in Sweden

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:01 am
by Bjarred
A family of 4 was recently found dead in Bjärred, Sweden. The family is said to be active Scientologists. The police has so far not released information about the cause of death but have said they believe it is a family tragedy.

Scientology connection details at https://www.flashback.org/sp62861434
Google translate this for more https://www.flashback.org/t2906246

HELLO from the moderator. Hi, Bjarred, regular posters can't post on the guest book so I am adding just a note at the bottom of your post. You can start a new thread or post anywhere outside the guest book, and I would approve your post. With three approved posts, you become a regular poster here.