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New activist

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:10 am
by harrison_bergeron
Hi everyone. I have no connection to the Co$ but I am interested in getting more active in the fight against it. For the moment I'm concentrating on public awareness but would like to participate in any IRL events near PAC base if they ever happen.


Hi, HB and welcome. AngryGayPope is quite active, reporting on unusual activities, RPF slave work projects, events, legal hearings, and informal confrontations with Sea Org workers and security guards. You could offer yourself as a second video-filmer, learn what's legally allowed and what to do if police come after you (LA Police have been accused of siding with Scientologists). See if you two can work together.
Don't picket on your own, especially as a newbie. They are filming you from multiple angles with security cameras and hand-held cameras. You should have an ally and film each other during even peaceful conversations with Sea Org workers. You could get charged with crimes for virtually nothing, like AGP was dragged into the legal system for stepping on their pansies. A specific person whom you confront repeatedly might try to charge you with stalking. If you hold a picket sign, CoS people might crowd and intimidate you, and film you pushing them away with the sign, which lets them accuse you of assault and battery with a lethal weapon. Guards might photograph you, follow you back to your car, have your license plates run, and then harass you at home and work, so consider anonymity and disguise.
AngryGayPope's profile includes a link (pm) for private messaging: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=79810
Your mod, Don Carlo.