Seattle Picket 02/10/2008

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Seattle Picket 02/10/2008

Post by Ball of Fluff » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:33 pm

I went over to the protest with John The Wonderhusband yesterday to the Seattle Org.

The Org is STILL not in their purchased "ideal org" space - must be almost 4 years by now...They are still in their rented digs on Rte 99 (Aurora Ave N.)
The access to this place is incredibly bad. If you are heading north, there's a big divider and you can't get over unless you do so before you see the org or way after, then go under and loop around. They have a smallish parking lot.

Yesterday they had two security guards there who were being quite proactive, keeping an eye on the protesters. They looked like they were from a security guard service- not actual CofS members as far as I could tell.

There was a hell of an amazing turnout. I saw probably 50 or so people there. Could easily have been more. Many had masks but they often took them off. I did not see anyone there who identified him or herself as a critic who was not party to the Anonymous pickets. I think John and I were the only ones, perhaps, who were not part of the Anon brigade (for lack of a better term.)

The picketers were extemely polite and made sure that access to the org was not blocked. I did not see any staff member come out when I was there. There is a freeway underpass there and some picketers hung banners, too. There were lots of people honking their horns as they drove by. Aurora is a VERY busy street. It does not get much foot traffic, but gets lots of car traffic.

There were a lot of interesting signs.

Some picketers said they didn't have hope that CofS would be disbanded but that they felt the tax exempt status CofS currently has in the US would be revoked. Others said that they would like to see people be able to practice Scn outside CofS without any reprisals from CofS.

I took some pix with my camera phone but I'm not sure if they came out very well. I will be taking a look at those this week.

I want to say that I was completely wrong when I was dismissive of the anon efforts in a post I made to A.R.S a couple weeks ago. I thought the people I spoke with were very nice and that they are very good at getting things done. I think they did a great job and are an asset to the "critic's scene", so to speak.

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