Critcal Review of TRs- Perry Scott

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Hubbard's Mushroom
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Critcal Review of TRs- Perry Scott

Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Fri Oct 08, 2004 3:53 am

TR 6: 8-C (Body Control)
Part One:
[ Student walks coach around like a robot, in constant physical contact. The student physically makes the coach's body start, change direction and stop with the student forcibly controlling the coach's body into doing those things. ]

As coach, you are instructed to offer some resistance, just to be sure the student is controlling you properly. This exercise is the first gradient step toward giving control of your body to someone else. In Part Two, you are shouted at until you comply with the instructions given.

This is another strange exercise for a "Communications Course". The bait given to the mark is that all processes have these three steps: Start, Change, Stop. Ultimately, this exercise is about Control and Being Controlled. Note that the student eventually becomes a coach. One suggestion I received was to coach with eyes closed, ostensibly to fine-tune the student's control. This effectively removes all control from the coach.

Hubbard knew that the mark's internal controls ("Case", "Reactive Mind") may cause him to "blow" the auditing session. This training is meant to intimidate the mark into bodily compliance, an extension to "Seat that body in that chair!". Physical force, if necessary, will be used to keep you on course and in session.
Part Two:
[ Student controls coach by and while giving the commands:


No physical contact. ]

In this installment of the Gradient, you are introduced to verbal command. After sufficient repetition, the commands on the coach become almost robotic. Keeping good TR0 and being in Present Time (i.e. not thinking about past or future) keeps you somewhat tranced and response becomes almost automatic.

If physical force is used in an auditing session, the mark could realize he is actually being controlled against his will, and blow the session and Scientology as well. Therefore, it is necessary to condition the mark to respond to firm (but not overbearing) verbal command like a good little robot.
TR 7: High School Indoc.


[ These exact commands and acknowledgements are given to the coach with Tone 40 Intention (intention without reservation or limit). The coach's body is then forced, by being physically restrained and dragged if necessary, to comply with the command. Coach does not do more than physically thwart the student from forcing him to comply. But not too hard. ]

This training routine gets the student accustomed to the idea of controlling and restraining others, and thereby accustomed to being controlled . In real-world terms, Tone 40 involves talking in a forceful enough voice so that the target knows you mean business. It works well on three year olds, though in most adult interactions where common goals motivate cooperation or compliance, Tone 40 invokes resentment. This Training Routine is not about communication in the real world. It is about the way communication works in Scientology.

Here, Hubbard's message is clear: non-compliance with Scientology's commands, especially during auditing, will be met with escalating levels of force - non-verbal, verbal, shouting, and physical. When you sign up for services, you give away your right to resist, since it's just your "case" talking. Your case is something to be "handled", and it can be handled up to the point of physical intervention.
- Excerpt from, A Critical Review by Perry Scott$/TRs.critic.html

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Post by programmer_guy » Fri Oct 08, 2004 5:59 am

TRs 0-4 are probably harmless. The ones above that remind me of "objectives".
codo ergo sum.

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Post by no_8c_now » Fri Oct 08, 2004 9:33 pm

The basic TR's helped me to understand communication better and helped in my development, that's the hook that got me in. The upper ones were beneficial though less so. The idea of Tone 40 was to me inconclusive and something like wishful thinking. You get people thinking something happened that they postulated so their tone 40 was "in". The next day something doesn't go their way and it's "out".
Bunch of BS if you ask me.

BTW, remember the end of the Upper Indoc film where the course grad is in the restaurant and gets the busy waitress's attention through intention only? Is that false advertising or what? If that's what you think someone should achieve then why not make it a practical item on the checksheet to graduate? Do it three times in a row with no comm lag. Watch the comps plummet!

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Post by lermanet_com » Tue Jul 19, 2005 10:05 pm

Dear 8-c now, the Trs are trance inducing AND are most simliar to acting school classes... IMO they turn raw meat, into folks that now have been trained to "ACT" like superior ubermen...

which in turn are used to attract more 'raw meat'

(NB: The term RAW MEAT is what a term hubbard used to describenew public, newly being recruited...and trained to act like "OTs")

And Mr. Mushroom, I loved Perry Scott's stuff, thanks for calling this great page to my attention


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