$CN Trying to Hook Govts & Teachers

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$CN Trying to Hook Govts & Teachers

Post by Tigger » Wed May 04, 2005 2:22 pm

Re: more from the Chicago OT committee

Group: alt.religion.scientology Date: Tue, May 3, 2005, 10:53pm (CDT+1)

From: dst@cs.cmu.edu (DaveTouretzky)

In article <0dha4tk138475.6541087963@anonymous.poster>, Cerridwen <anonymous-remailer@see.comment.header> wrote:

The plan was to get governments and school districts to pay to send teachers to ASI in St. Louis and then deliver the study tech to them. These teachers would then to go back into their schools and deliver LRH tech to students.

Yes, that is the plan. And they actually managed to rope in a couple of wog schoolteachers for a training course. I heard from one of them last year. The person was so horrified and disgusted by their experience at ASI that they could barely bring themselves to talk to me about it.

They knew NOTHING about Scientology when they showed up, and as a result they were seriously CREEPED OUT. Being surrounded by glassy-eyed cultists and numerous pictures of their leader ElRon is natural to denizens of ARS, but for a lot of folks, it can be a traumatic experience.

Also, there are apparently school children on site at the ASI facility in St. Louis, and this person felt they were not being treated well. (And for a schoolteacher to observe that and feel powerless to do anything about it is understandably upsetting.)
I haven't heard from any other wogs who've visited ASI; I doubt there are very many of them.

So much for safepointing the world of wog education for study tech. It ain't gonna happen -- even if they bring Tom Cruise back for another visit. Heck, ESPECIALLY if they bring Tom Cruise back.

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