Five-Day STUDY TECH Workshop Completed * 9/02/05

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Five-Day STUDY TECH Workshop Completed * 9/02/05

Post by Tigger » Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:54 am

Five-day study technology workshop

Five-day study technology workshop

Teachers of Cayman Academy pictured with Ms Keri Lee (2nd from right) and Ms Carol Woodruff (3rd from right). Dr Jeffrey K Thompson is on the extreme right..

Friday,  September 2, 2005

Cayman Academy began a five-day workshop this week with the theme "Introduction to Study Technology", based on the works of L Ron Hubbard, which makes the Cayman Islands the 74th country in the world to Study Technology, advised Dr Jeffrey K Thompson. Dr Thompson is Chairman of the Board of Governors of Cayman Academy and coordinated the workshop, which ends today (Friday 2 September).

Two Educational Specialists, Keri Lee, Senior vice President, Applied Scholastics, and Carol Woodruff, Tours in Charge, Applied Scholastics, from the headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, were the featured presenters in this workshop, which was specifically designed for teachers.

The topics of the workshop included: Handling Misunderstood Words, Reading Aloud Word Clearing, Barriers to Study, The First Barrier: Absence of Mass, The Use of Demonstration, Sketching, Non-optimum Reactions During Reading Aloud Word Clearing, and Clay Table Training.

Ms Lee and Ms Woodruff also conducted a special seminar on 31 August in the school's auditorium for all parents with students enrolled at Cayman Academy.

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