How Bennetta Slaughter Screwed ABLE * Touretzky

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How Bennetta Slaughter Screwed ABLE * Touretzky

Post by Tigger » Tue Oct 11, 2005 1:36 pm

RTC: how Bennetta Slaughter screwed ABLE

Group: alt.religion.scientology Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2005, 12:09am (CDT+1)

From: (Dave Touretzky)

I want to spell out exactly how Bennetta Slaughter has managed to screw ABLE through false reports and gross incompetence. Bennetta is the ED of Applied Scholastics International; ABLE is the parent organization for Applied Scholastics, Narconon, and a couple of other Scientology front groups.

When the Saint Louis board of education was looking into teacher complaints about the training seminars being offered at Applied Scholastics, Bennetta showed up for the public meeting. In a conversation with education journalist Peter Downs, Bennetta announced that Applied Scholastics would be partnering with the Hazelwood Public Schools to offer tutoring services to students in that district. She made this statement to Downs in front of two other witnesses, one of whom was St. Louis school board member Bill Purdy. It was a lie.

Downs reported Slaughter's claim in an article he published in the Saint Louis Argus, and in his Saint Louis Schools Watch newsletter.

This so enraged the superintendent of the Hazelwood school system, Dr. Chris Wright, that she wrote a strongly worded letter to Slaughter telling her to knock it off, and reminding her that Hazelwood wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Slaughter's organization.

Dr. Wright made her letter public; it's webbed at, along with the article that Downs wrote.

Dr. Wright also wrote to Dr. Kent King, Commissioner of Education for the State oF Missouri, asking that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reconsider its certification of Applied Scholastics as an approved provider of tutoring services.

Political pressure is building on King to act. So Bennetta's little lie has blown up into a major threat to the future of Applied Scholastics in Missouri.

But Bennetta is not content to tick off one school superintendent. She, Mary Smith, and a director of ABLE have been harassing the union official who first took the St. Louis teachers' complaints to the board. Rubbing salt in the wound, so to speak. She's busily digging a deeper hole for herself, for her organization, and for ABLE.

Now there is a growing desire in Missouri to be rid of Applied Scholastics. Some other players have gotten involved, but I don't want to reveal their identities just yet.

I'd hate to be WDC ABLE. Whoever is holding that post is going to get a beating at the next meeting called by DM. And it's all because of Bennetta's lie.

At this point, Bennetta should probably join the Sea Org so she can do the RPF. She must have some really heavy duty evil purpose. I only wish I knew what it was.

-- Dave Touretzky: "This is true."

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Post by NamaKun » Fri Nov 18, 2005 2:23 am

Woah- Dude, I know her :D

Used to go to her house when I was little, with my dad. They let us ride their jetskis.

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