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From the Tech Dictionary:

"A section in the QUALIFICATIONS DIVISION where a student is given high pressure instruction at his own cost after being found slow in study or when failing his exams. LRH " HCOB 19June71 III

From the Admin dictionary:

CRAMMING SECTION: a section of the Department of Review, (Division 5, Department 14). The prime purpose of the Department of Review and all its sections and units is: to help Ron correct any non-optimum result of the organization and also to advise ways and means based on actual experience in the department to safeguard against any continued poor result from any technical personnel or the function of the organization. More specifically, the Cramming Section teaches students what they have missed. LRH (HCOPL 10Nov65)

Here is a post from the # 1 Cramming Officer:

dennis.l.erlich Nov 11 1994,
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

One curious readers asks:

>I've been meaning to ask you this for a while:
>what is `cramming' ?

Phatso defined it as "force-feeding data" in the tape "Talk
on a Basic Qual" (circa 1971) This was one of the Flag
Executive Briefing Course (FEBC) tapes in which he described
the organizational division the absence of which had caused
the downfall of every civilization to date: the correction
division (Qualifications Division).

It is in this tape that His Rotunditude pronounced, "At Flag,
a comma out of place in a worksheet is a High Crime."
Koos-Koos badly failed in his attempt to quote this simple
phrase while channelling Phatso's flatulence about me from
"the other side".

The Cramming Officer teaches the student what he has missed
(not understood properly). It is a correction function that
uses the entire breadth of Phatso's tek to bring proper
understanding to the practitioner (auditor, case supervisor),
staff member or student.

When an auditing session does not go right, the Case
Supervisor analyzes the worksheets and writes a Cramming
Order on the auditor. The folder, the cramming order and the
auditor must report to the cramming officer to get "fixed" before
being allowed to audit the next session.

It is the cramming officer's job to find what particular Phatso
droppings the auditor misunderstood, didn't drill enough or didn't
read, that caused the poor result, and to correct the auditor
into proper application.

To put it simply: I was the quality control engineer in the
brainwashing factory.

True story!

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