Germany: Scientology Targetting Kids through Tutoring Scam

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Germany: Scientology Targetting Kids through Tutoring Scam

Post by Ladybird » Tue Dec 13, 2005 12:07 am

Suddeutsche Zeitung

Munich, December 6, 2005

Learning studios infiltrated by Scientology

Sects and Psychogroups set their sights on students

by Roswitha Feger-Risch

Eight years of gymnasium (secondary preparatory
school) is too difficult for many students. Therefore
learning studios and homework monitors are
experiencing a boom. But others, including sects,
psychogroups and the controversial Scientology
organization are taking advantage of this demand to
spread their teachings through tutoring institutions.
"We are working to establish ourselves in this area,"
stated Sabine Weber, press person for Scientology
Bavaria, located in Munich.

Many parents would like their child to get a
matriculation certificate in the hopes that it will
improve chances for a job. Meanwhile more than a
quarter of students get tutoring or other extra study
help, according to the Bavarian State Youth Office.

Learning studios associated with sect-like
organizations take advantage of these parent's
ambitions. They often recruit by saying that anyone
can learn anything as long as the right method is
applied. This is a tonic for people who just cannot
admit that their child is not a genius.

"The brain is a meatball"

It is not that simple to prove a direct link between
Scientology and its institutions. The Donnert
Tutoring Academy in Petershausen uses the slogan
"Learning with Understanding" in its advertising.
However Thomas Donnert will not give any information
over the telephone about the learning methods he

Instead he refers us to Scientologist Johann
Altendorfer in Munich. Whoever wants to learn about
education from Scientology in Bavaria won't miss
Altendorfer. Renate Kluss, proprietress of the Kluss
Learning Studio in Freising, verified that she does
use the methods of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Like Donnert, though, she refuses to give any more
information, but refers people to Altendorfer.

Wilfried Busse, proprietor of a learning studio in
Munich, speaks openly about the methods he applies.
He is even in possession of a "study technology"
license from L. Ron Hubbard. "The only thing that
really works is what comes from Hubbard," Busse states
and is openly dubious about scientific findings such
as the varying functions of the left and right halves
of the brain. "That's a bunch of nonsense. The brain
is a meatball, nothing more." Busse says his clients
include tax consultants, attorneys and academic

Unobtrusive Names


Advertisements from learning studios managed by
Scientologists arouse no suspicion at first glance.
The companies include unobtrusive names like Learning
Studio or Learning Center. Signs of membership in
Scientology are carefully avoided. Nevertheless their
are several characteristics that don't fit those of a
serious offer.

Proposed Seal of Approval

According to the Scientology crisis counseling center
of the Bavarian State Youth office, unrealistic
promises of success should be viewed with caution.
"We do not all have the same talents as each other,
even if we sometimes think we do," said the counselor.
Questionable learning methods are often talked up as
a solution for all learning problems. The customer is
told that any subject can be successfully learned.
"Study technology," for example, dictates that all
words not understood be looked up. Unclear concepts
are supposed to be worked out in clay figures. Any
subject is supposed to be able to be learned this way.

The safe thing to do before signing a contract with a
tutor or a learning studio, recommended the
Scientology crisis counselor, is to have them sign a
"protection statement." This statement verifies that
the studio does not instruction according to the
methods of L. Ron Hubbard.

It has not escaped the Culture Ministry that
Scientology is putting an increased effort into
approaching children via learning studios. Interior
Minister Gunther Beckstein indicated the danger of
this in the 2004 Constitutional Protection report, as
a consequence of which the Culture Ministry sent a
warning letter to all school principles in Bavaria.

In July of this year Bavarian state representative
Forian Ritter proposed a seal of approval for tutoring
studios. "The Ministry is working out the rules
necessary to put this seal of approval into effect,"
said Ritter. ... Results are expected in several

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Re: Germany: Scientology Targetting Kids through Tutoring Sc

Post by MikeMoon02 » Thu May 23, 2013 10:46 am

use the methods of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Like Donnert, though, she refuses to give any more
information, but refers people to Altendorfer.

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