You dont have to THANK RON for 'study tech' ever again

Share your experiences and comments about Scientology's "Study Technology".
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You dont have to THANK RON for 'study tech' ever again

Post by lermanet_com » Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:22 pm

A more comprehensive, easier to digest, version of what
Hubbard marketed as his study tech has been webbed

An important omission is Virginia Waddy's reccamendation that
when reading a book printed in the 18th century, that one use a dictionary from that same era.

The one section of "Ron's" study tech that is missing, is the demo kit,
which appears to have another purpose that merely adding a 'balance of mass and significance" see the Covert Hypnosis thread HERE


"And it's incredible how much money
the hypnotized disciples of a clever and ruthless operator
will plead and beg of him to accept from them."
Volney Mathison :

This quote stood out in this evenings research readings:

Harry Aarons in
Vol 1 # 4 November 1951
(emphasis in original) LINK

"hypnosis is entirely a mental state,
in which the dominant subjective mind
believes implicitly
whatever it is told to believe"

"The scientology study aid called the "Demo Kit" -
Conditions the user to assign meaning to pieces of rubbish,
which does help in 'studying' scientology."
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Post by Post Person » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:08 pm

well, it's not like elronnie invented the dictionary... i don't know how or why they go on and on about him.
... and we will remember lrh as a profiteering "Snake Oil Salesman of the 20th Century."

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Post by Ltricha1 » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:22 pm

I have always maintained that the purpose of $cientology's Study Tech is to punish people for not accepting what is written...
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Don Carlo
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Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:38 am

Maria Montessori, not Hubbard, first used "mass" to improve learning, by designing materials for young children to manipulate and learn from. This included working with clay, which is a feature of Hubbard's "study tech." I believe this is the first time clay learning became part of an official curriculum. See ... asp?page=2

(However, Montessori did not envision adults trying to depict concepts using clay and materials- which David Touretzky described as "simple-minded)
... the use of a clay table is a clearly a simple-minded approach to understanding abstract concepts. Rather than promoting understanding, it seems much more likely that clay tables work -- assuming that they work at all -- as a visual memory aid...Humans are naturally very visually-oriented it is not surprising that we often find images easier to recall than words. That is fine if the only goal is the accurate recitation of rote-learned facts. This is, in fact, the only goal that Hubbard was interested in with his Scientology students. But it is useless in developing the critical skills that are so necessary in the non-Scientology world, and that Hubbard was so conspicuously uninterested in encouraging.

Several magazines have mentioned the 100 year anniversary this week of Montessori's first school in 1907. Hubbard had not even been born.

I doubt that six or seven decades from now anyone will be celebrating a hundred years of "study tech."

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