Dianetics Auditing vs OT Auditing

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Dianetics Auditing vs OT Auditing

Post by Demented Source » Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:16 pm

Loral was a second-generation Scientologist whose father held a top position at CMO, his mother was a mid-level CoS manager. Loral was 14 years old when his parents told him that he should join CMO. Loral was very unhappy with his parents’ decision, but the best he could do is to convince them that he should join ASHO Day first and become an auditor because “the auditors are the most important people on the planet“, as Hubbard wrote on several occasions. “I will join CMO after earning my Class VIII badge”, said Loral. The boy knew that Sea Org is hard, but CMO is a bitch.

ASHO Day was in charge of the Purification Rundown; Loral’s job was to keep the sauna clean. He was supposed to work at sauna 5 hours a day, and then study for 7 hours at the classroom. It was an easy job, and usually it took Loral just one hour to clean the sauna area, after that he was moonlighting by distributing promotional flyers for 3 hours a day. Loral was making $15 a day, his work week was 7 days, which was a boon for a Sea Org member (his Sea Org salary was $12 a week). Some of his money Loral was spending on local hookers. Being a smart boy, Loral quickly learned how to fool the e-meter, so he was not afraid of the sec checks.

Loral liked his life and was not in a hurry to complete the Dianetcs side of the Bridge; it took him 4 years to reach the Class VII level. By that time his parents got divorced, his mother left Sea Org and begun a new career at WISE. Loral begun taking Class VIII course when came an excellent news -- his father, with whom Loral had a bad relation, was sent to RPF. Now Loral was not in danger of being transferred to CMO.

Two weeks passed by, and Loral saw an ad at the door of his classroom. A Scientology franchise was recruiting Dianetics auditors. The ad was saying that a Class VIII Auditor’s hourly rate is $40. Loral had an incentive now, he completed Class VIII course in just one week. The routing took another 2 months, but finally Loral was out of Sea Org.

Loral was making $40 an hour, as he was promised. But it was a part-time job. Still, Loral could rent his own studio, which was a great improvement compared to his Sea Org arrangement in a sardine can. Loral was looking for the ways of increasing his franchise income.

Ken Gerbino was a very wealthy Scientologist who was an investment banker. Ken loved Dianetics auditing, this was sort of an addiction for him -- he was getting high every time he grabbed those cans. But all good things must end, and after more than 500 hours of auditing Ken was declared a Clear. That was a massive amount of auditing, no one else came close to it.

Ken went OT, but it was not the same -- he was not getting high anymore. OT auditing requires self-induced hallucinations, but only 10% of the population are can have them; apparently, Ken was not among the lucky ones. Ken reached the OT 6 level and decided not to go further; instead he thought of returning to Dianetics auditing.

For more information on OT auditing see my threat, OT Hallucinations.

Ken visited a franchise and asked them to audit him. But his request was rejected because LRH wrote that Clears should not receive Dianetics services. But Ken was not going to give up, so he went to another franchise where he run into Loral. “All your past lives have their own engrams, I do not see why you shouldn’t be audited”, said Loral. The franchise owner also liked the idea because it meant a flow of money into his pocket as well. “We do not have to report this to the Church, we just pay them for the license, but we run business our way”, said the owner.

Loral got a full time job, and it was just the beginning -- Ken had rich Scientology friends who also didn’t like OT auditing, he recommended them to seek help from that particular franchise and its employee, Loral.
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