Florida - Community Learning Center

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Florida - Community Learning Center

Post by anneanne25 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:20 am


I work[ed]* for an SES provider in Fort Myers, Florida that uses Study Tech and Applied Acholastic materials even though I have read that the state of florida no longer allows applied acholastics in SES programs. They are called Community Learning Center. The Fort Myers group is affiliated with another group in Clearwater, that is also Community Learning Center. thje name tlz - youth is also used.They are doing SES tutoring in several south florida counties as far as I know. It IS definitely the same Scientology-based program. The tutors aren't Scientologists, I don't think, but the training is.

They are treating their tutor-employees really horribly. I and several other lead tutors were forced to spend very long hours on a supposedly part time [4-8 hr. week] job. currently, I believe I am fired. It is a bit of a standoff. I was ordered to go to a meeting but I was afraid of what they would try to make me sign so I didn't go. My co-worker did not call looking for me.

I would really like to hook up with someone who can give me some direction.
Right now, they owe me for work since Sept. I was worried but I did file a charge with the NLRB after they threatened all tutors with termination if we discussed pay or work conditions. I hope they will pay me without too much trouble.
But there are other employees being hurt. Most of the tutors really need the work so they take it. the kids aren't really being hurt as most of the tutors are good folks who actually try to find their own materials to help the kids [ a fireable offense]. The biggest deal to the management is the paperwork, so I would say its mainly a money making operation. But the Scientology stuff is awfully creepy too.

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Re: Florida - Community Learning Center

Post by I'mglib » Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:53 am

Welcome to the board, Anne.
I was worried but I did file a charge with the NLRB after they threatened all tutors with termination if we discussed pay or work conditions.
Ok, this can't be legal. Hopefully someone will chime in who knows the law and knows about Study Tech and AS.
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Re: Florida - Community Learning Center

Post by Sea Horse » Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:29 pm

Locate a FL Dept of Labor for a complaint.

Also, maybe file for an unemployment claim. That will get their attention. If you haven't been paid and have been "constructively fired" then go for it.
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