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Off topic/name calling

Post by Gumbythetruth » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:58 am

skeptic2girl wrote:I had thought it would already be mentioned here, but I guess not --

I believe it was on the 03/01/2011 episode of The Colbert Report that Stephen Colbert responded to the fact that someone "hacked" into the Colbert Report (wtf??) and superimposed a Guy Fawkes mask emblem on Stephen's face.

Whatever. But the cool part was that Mr. Colbert mentioned that Anonymous protests against Scientology and because it apparently includes some "hacktivists":
Lord Xenu had better change his password! ... deo.77379/

PS: Wasn't quite sure whether to post this in Media Reports or O&D
LoL. The media nazi will deal with you shortly. :violent1:


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