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Post by Paul G » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:55 pm

Spilling The Beans – the REAL truth about what goes on in Kabbalah behind closed doors. This will make your hair stand on end!!! ... of-it-all/
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Reason: Moderator Note: Not a great first post. This is not a board for you to spam your own off topic website. The topic of the thread was the Kabbalah Centre in LA in relation to not-for-profit fraud. We will not be discussing Kabbalah itself here.

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Bill Cosby gossip

Post by AngryGayPope » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:55 pm

This has nothing to do with Sci but, what the hell, not enough folks are posting I can squeeze one in here.

We have all heard about the accusations against Bill Cosby of being a serial rapist. I've worked in Hollywood almost 20 years and here's a story I'll tell. It's gross!

Around 1999 I was fixing computers professional in Hollywood. Still do. I went to a guys house who did print work for CBS to help him with his macs.

We were randomly talking and celebs came up. We began randomly sharing gossip. I didn't ask for this info but he said "I heard that Bill Cosby, when he is in New York, will hire a young female black prostitute and have her shit on him while he masturbates."

"WHAT? That's unbelievable!" I said! I had never heard anything bad about Bill "pudding pops fat albert" Cosby before. (Remember it was only 1999). "Who told you this story?"

"His publicist."

"His PUBLICIST!!!?? That guy should be squelching these rumors not creating them!"

Since then I have always known what he was about and when the rape charges came out some years later I was not surprised.

Why would a big star want to be pooped on? Imagine if were him working on his movie "Leonard Part 6." Everyone around you kisses your ass 24/7 and tells you you are always great. Then the movie comes out and bombs and reviewers and the public trash you.

You start to feel guilty about being treated like a perfect god when you KNOW you are a mortal shitty movie maker. Paying people to abuse you might be part of your reaction.

French uber-royalty like Marie Antoinette owned a fake working class cottage when the super-rich could go and pretend to be peasants and do grunt work just for something different. Perhaps it is like that.

You know who else I heard likes to be pooped on? DANNY THOMAS! I was told that he would hire Gay prostitutes to come to his LA hotel. He would lie underneath a glass coffee table. They would poop on the coffee table while he looked up and masturbated. I was told the cleaning ladies soon refused to go in there!

I don't think the catholic church would approve of Danny's doings.

This told to me in 1998 by a friend who knew a friend who worked at the hotel.


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