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Post by Gnu » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:19 pm

Demented LRH wrote:I fully support the proposal, except for Xenu stuff, although I do not think it will go too far because it violates the principle of separation of the Church and the State.

In my anti-evolutionary book I proposed a far better approach -- instead of teaching the Bible and other religious books in science classes, they can teach this material in history classes. Religion is a part of world history, it is being taught at state colleges; there is no reason why it cannot be taught at public schools.

I also proposed inclusion of criticism of the evolutionary theory in science curriculum without adding to it any religious presentation. Any theory, including the evolutionary theory, can be criticized from scientific point of view without involving a religion into a discussion.

What alternates to evolution are scientific and testable or are able to make predictions based upon their science?
This is the first I have heard of any.
"Wisdom comes by disillusionment."
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