Anonymous OVAR 9000 MAN MARCH! Washington DC

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Anonymous OVAR 9000 MAN MARCH! Washington DC

Post by Sponge » Mon May 05, 2008 1:49 am ... post221912
Hubbard-Telescope, on wrote: Image

Anonymous OVAR 9000 MAN MARCH!

All are welcome to join Anonymous on the National Mall for an epic rally/protest/giant ass party against the crimes and human rights abuses of the Cult of Scientology. That's right, guys. We snagged the Reflecting Pool.

Activities include:
Music and Dancing
An attempt to bring Tory and WBM to the East Coast
Om nom noms
Fair Games
Public Outreach
and even MOAR!

YouTube - Ovar 9000 Man March! <<click

Join your fellow Anonymous in the Capital of the United States and party for Great Justice. Contact us at #dcMarch or if anyone needs help with directions, travel info, hotels, or anything else we can do to help. Also, let the hivemind brainstorm what activities to include! Go go go!

Ideas for the National Mall Rally <<click



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