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Post by daisy » Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:34 am

Received a flyer that was faxed to me by another ex-scieno. The flyer has a new logo: It is round with what looks like a triangle ( I forgot what that means, maybe standard tech or s/g. Then there is the Scientology triangles and an open book and it says Golden Age of Knowledge.

Then they are promoting the New Golden Age of Knowledge Bookstore System. It has audio/visual usage - I assume it is everything set up in chronological order. Whatever - big f'in do!

Then there is a calendar of events for the month of April. Now this really cracked me up. On April 1st - April Fool's Day they had scheduled a Mission Holder's Dinner. If I was a Mission Holder I think I would have been busy that evening.

There are also special lectures being given, to name a few:

"How to Stay Up in a Down Economy"
"Who To Trust"
"How to Have More Time" and the ever popular
"How to Have More Money"

P.S. Don't forget the Flag World Tour with Jenna Elfman. She is probably pissed that Tom got Medal of Valor and damn it she wants one too!

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Post by Ladybird » Sun Nov 06, 2005 4:37 pm

Here is a picture of the San Francisco Org, it is very fancy and in the heart of the financial district right across the street from the Transamerica Building. Seriously expensive real estate.


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Post by kathyscats » Sun Nov 06, 2005 9:21 pm

It IS a beautiful building! Such a shame it's inhabited by Scieno's. :roll:

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Post by no_8c_now » Mon Nov 07, 2005 4:09 am

The building had been recently renovated by the previous tenant, Sanwa Bank, I believe.

There was not much for them to do except in the basement. And what a F-up that was, somebody must've paid for that. It turns out that there was a serious seepage problem down there, particularly when it was high tide. This caused a major delay in getting the renos down and a full court press in getting another half-mill in donations to fix the problem which included tearing up the sidewalks and then doing some major waterproofing. The pipes also had to be raised so that enough headroom existed to put the HGC down there.

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Post by Ladybird » Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:11 am

Prepare for a major download...naw...I will keep it simple here on this thread and download on the "Flock Fleecer" real eastate thread manana or so.

So, what I know about the SF org is they bought this really nice historic building, that has to be worth several million dollars in downtown San Francisco. The majority of the renovation work was done by the PAC RPF (another story) and even the crown moldings and desks were manufactured at the PAC mill using RPF (slave) labor. If you ever go into the reception area of SF Org, look at the big huge curved , tailormade front desk, that was made by the RPF. So were most of the other desks and furniture in SF Org.

Kevin Hulce is the "Mill I/C" (In Charge) at PAC and is a very talented carpenter and master wood working artist whos's talents are being wasted on DMs hobby horse projects of "building Ideal Orgs".

He's a professional. He orchestrates everything and very often he is called to meetings to coordinate with Int about special and confidential projects. These special projects are many times ordered by DM. An example is the huge nice reception desk that was produced by the RPF for Hamburg Org. When the secret Hamburg org was being created, the RPF worked full blast with long hours and deadlines to meet. Everybody who worked on it had to sign "confidentiallity bonds"
and once it was done, the desk was packed up in pieces and shipped all the way to Hamburg!

Kevin runs the RPFers assigned to the mill, in other words, he tells them what to do and how to do it and is at the same time very easy to work with as he trains up new guys constantly on special techniques.

Being assigned to Renos or maintenance or the Galley is considered a punishment in the Sea Org. So people like Mr. Hulce are constantly having to train and work with "ethics particles" such as RPFers are considered.

They are all slaves making less than 50 dollars a week, while putting their hearts and souls into creating dreams LRH claimed to have dreamt.


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Post by barky » Mon Nov 07, 2005 11:18 am

So ... making desks is confidential?? :? Is there some super-secret OT way of making desks that will cause heart palpitations unless you're in Scn??


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Post by Ladybird » Mon Nov 07, 2005 5:06 pm

Barky, No, making desks is not confidential, unless of course using slave labor of RPFers is what you meant. That is not a fact DM wants known! Hamburg Org was updated and thrown lots of money after a huge number of flaps.

There is so much more to this story about Germany and the Hamburg Org, but here is a start: See timeline below.

Please google anything mentioned here for the rest of the story, including court documents.

Google Weibke Hansen, former ED Hamburg who "disappeared" off the face of the earth, and was found by a German investigative team to be on the RPF at the INT base in Hemet, California.

This was also the time when John Travolta met with US president Clinton, and attempted to secure US sanctions against Germany for religious intolerance.

There is much is your friend.



Here a list of scientology problems in Germany. From Tilman Hausher:

February 1993: Rostock prosecution raids the office of scientologist
Detlef Foullois (OT8), who is arrested.

* 14.8.1993: The Nymphenburg (near Munich) franchise loses a court case
against a retired engineer to whom they had promised "you'll get clear
with less that DM 100,000". He sued for the difference (DM 28,934.28),
and won. The court stated that the contract was "automatically
indecent". According to a SPIEGEL article (37/96), Scientology settled
with the plaintiff to prevent the sentence of getting public.
(LG München 1, Az: 28 O 23490/92).

7.1.1993, 2.2.1993: Scientologist Uwe Krumholz loses his court case
against the "Berliner Zeitung", in which he tried to force the newspaper
to print his rebuttal, in which he disputes the allegation that he is a
scientologist. (Which is foolish - he was the driving force in the
Berlin Narconon scam in the 70ies, which resulted in the end of the
state funding of Narconon)

June 1993: Detlef Foullois (OT8) and Karl-Eric Heilig (clear), both
"Patron Gold Meritorious" and donors of a $ 1,000,000 each, are
sentenced to 26 months in jail for tax evasion and subsidies fraud. They
only escape a higher sentence because the Hamburg org immediately pays
DM 2,800,000 (about $2,000,000) in back taxes.

2.6.1993, 13.8.1993: Scientologist Johanna Erdtmann ("SN Colours") loses
her court case in which she tried to prohibit being called a
scientologist. (LG München 5 O 7214/92, OLG München 21 U 1717/93)

9.11.93: The Nymphenburg franchise is sentenced to pay back DM 28,934.-
to a customer. (LG München I 28 O 23490/92)

14.1.1994: Three scientologists are found guilty for distributing hate
literature (e.g. the "Hate and Propaganda" booklet) and fined DM 5,400.
The judge called the comparisons with the 3rd Reich "the height of
hypocrisy". Source: AFF's cult observer 4/94

On 9.10.1994, scientology vice-president Franz Riedl claims to be
penniless, but nevertheless gets sentenced to a fine of DM 18,000 for
libelling Pastor Gerd Glaser. The court is unimpressed by Riedl's "past
lives" excuses. (AG Hamburg 141 Js 769/93)

On 11.10.1994, the city of Bremen revokes the status of scientology
Bremen ("deregistration"). [any court case ???]

On 3.11.1994, a scientologist gets arrested after kidnapping his son and
a wild car chase, and after trying to strangle his son (police had to
break the window of the car to prevent this from succeeding).

On 13.12.1994, two scientologist real estate companies ("Breitling &
Partner" and "HG Grundstücksgesellschaft") lose their court case against
a newspaper (taz) who had named them in an article critical of
scientology. (LG Berlin, Geschäftsnummer 27.0.612/94)

* On 2.3.1995, the federal administrative court rules that scientology
Hamburg has to register a commercial business for its sales of books and
courses, ending an 11 year old litigation. The court left it open
whether scientology is a religion or not.
(Az: BVerwG 1 B 205 und 206.93 vom 16. Februar 1995)

* On 22.3.1995, scientology Hamburg loses a motion before the federal
labor court, which decides that scientology is not a religion.
(Az.: 5 AZB 21/94)
(link to

* On 29.3.1995, the administrative court in Cologne declines to set a
TRO against federal labor minister Norbert Blüm, who had called
scientology a "criminal money laundering organization" and a "cartel of
oppression with contempt for human beeings" in a newspaper interview,
and also said that their leaders are "criminals" and their members are
be submitted to "brainwashing" (VG Köln, Az: 10 L 1942/94 )

On 10.4.1995, the head of scientology Hamburg, Wiebke Hansen, is removed
by Kurt Weiland and Mark Lizer. She has not been seen since then.

On 10.5.1995, Organisations of tenants, real estate owners and real
estate brokers unite in a "konzertierte aktion" against scientologists
real estate businesses

On 14.6.1995, Scientology Bremen forced to register as a business,
because court sees behaviour as commercial. (VG Bremen, 5 A 16/94)

On 24.6.1995, Berlin demo. See at

On 5.7.1995, a scientologist real estate company loses its court case in
Berlin against tenants who had put up banners negative to scientology

August 1995: MP Renate Rennebach investigates scientology's allegation
that two children were expelled out of a Kindergarten. She finds out
that of the two children, one *is* attending classes there, and the
other was never *expelled*: instead, the protestant church community who
runs the private Kindergarten refused the application because of fear of
the parents scientology proselytizing. The child is attending classes in
a public Kindergarten.

On 4.9.1995, parents boycott a school class because a teacher had
proselytized scientology in school. The parents even take the education
of their children in their own hands, teaching their children
themselves. The teacher, who previously already had been reassigned five
times after parent protests because of her scientoloy proselytising, is
later removed from the school and assigned a "desk job".

On 10.10.1995, a scientologist real estate business in Hamburg loses a
court case against the Berlin tenants organization, who had listed him
as a scientologist.

On 15.10.1995, news come out that the german flavor of CCHR had contacts
with serial killer Thomas Holst at the time he was in psychiatry.

On 15.11.1995, scientology Hannover loses two court cases, so that they
cannot sell books in the public, nor approach passers-by in public
(OVG Lüneburg, Az: 12 L 1856/93 und 12 L 2141/93)

On 22.12.1995, Chick Corea loses his court case against the state of
Baden-Württemberg in connection with his non-participation at the
state-sponsored concert at the world athletics championship. The
audience has a good laugh in court when the judge asks if a "world
famous pianist like him" needs state-paid concerts to survive

* On 23.1.1996, Klaus Kempe's real estate company in Düsseldorf loses
the right to teach students (as part of the german dual education system
with practical education at work and a theoretical education in school)
the business because of the use of the scientology personality test.
(VG Düsseldorf, Az: 3L 4227/93 and/or (?) 3 K 12881/94 )

On 23.1.1996, scientology agrees to register as a commercial business in

On / Around 24.1.1996, scientology agrees to register as a commercial
business in Frankfurt.

On 24.1.1996, scientology loses a court case in Stuttgart, prohibiting
them to sell on the streets.

On 29.1.1996, the scientology franchise in Mannheim loses a court case
before the administrative court in Karlsruhe, thus is forced to register
as a business (Az: 6 K 2681/95). The court says that it does not matter
whether they actually earn money or not, since this is the purpose of
scientology in any case.

On 19.3.1996, a scientologist in Heidelberg is convicted to pay a fine
for threatening to murder a 17 year old, who was critical of scientology
and member of the students organization of the CDU party. He had said:
"This is a real death threat from a real scientologist".

Around March 1996: Franz Riedl, spokesman of scientology Germany, who
appeared in the last two editions of "Freiheit" with an editorial, is no
longer there. (he resurfaced in august)

On 15.4.1996, a member of the consumer organization ABI (Mr. Kleinman)
wins his (criminal) trial for libeling a scientologist. He had called
the scientologist a member of a "white collar criminal cult". The
prosecution drops the case after hearing that the scientologist had
previously called him a "nazi criminal who was born 60 years too late".

* On 5.6.1996, Labor minister Norbert Blüm wins again, this time before
the superior administrative court in Münster, which allows him to
continue to call scientology a "contemptuous cartel of oppression" and a
"giant octopus". The court also didn't mind him saying that "its leaders
are criminals" and that "the members are brainwashed", and that
scientology is promoting a "deluded ideology". He can also name them as
"criminal money-laundering organization", because the minister did not
mean the crime of money-laundering as defined in the law, instead he
stated in simple language that scientology gets huge amounts of money
through reprehensible methods, this money partly coming from
criminality, and then invests this money in corporations to hide all
these circumstances. The court agreed with scientology being called a
"giant octopus" because scientology's own doctrine of expansion and
penetration qualifies for such an attack. (OVG Münster, Az: 5 B 993/95)

On 21.6.1996, Painter Gottfried Helnwein loses his court case against
scientology critics Jeanette Schweitzer and Christa Jenal. The court
allowed them to call Helnwein a "class 4 auditor", "minister" and
"member of scientology", and also "member of an organisation of total
laymen, who use a coercive hypnotic method to destroy people's souls and
get them under mind control with the help of a lie-detector". The two
critics were only forbidden to claim that a painting had been sold for
OSA, because Helnwein's attorney successfully argued that it had been
sold for NARCONON. (OLG Frankfurt, Az: 16U 163/95)

On 8.8.1996, the Bavarian culture ministry wins against four
scientologists who had tried to prohibit them to distribute material
critical to scientology in a magazine for schools.
(Az: M 3 E 96.2692)

On 13.8.1996, scientology withdraws a lawsuit against the state of
Hessen. The state president had said that he anxiously watches the cult
activties, and that it should be fought on a federal level. Scientology
sued, and later withdrew the lawsuit, and has to pay the costs.
(VG Wiesbaden, Az: 4/3 E 1000/92)

On 6.9.1996, the Stuttgart state court lifts a TRO that scientology had
asked to prevent the postbank from closing scientology's bank accounts
near Ulm. Scientology had unsuccessfully argued that 17 banks had
refused to open an account for them; the postbank had successfully
argued that 400 banks exist in the area. (In Germany, money is usually
transferred between accounts directly instead of sending checks as in
France or the US, therefore the bank account is written on every
business stationery)
(LG Stuttgart, Az: ????)

On 14.10.1996, the administrative state court of Baden-Württemberg in
Mannheim denied a motion (pending the main trial) to allow scientology
to distribute pamphlets or to talk to passers-by. Reason: commercial
activity. The court expresses strong doubts whether scientology is a
religion. The ruling cannot be appealed.
(VGH Mannheim, Az: 5 S 472/96)

On 21.10.1996, four Bavarian scientologists lose their appeal against
the bavarian culture ministry in trying to prevent them to distribute
material critical to scientology in a magazine for schools.
(VGH München, Az: 7 CE 96.2861)

On 24.10.1996, Berlin Police Officer Volker K. gets sentenced to DM
12,000 fine for using scientology's "personality tests" in police
training. Law enforcement confiscates one hard disk of the Berlin
scientology org. He had appealed the non-trial fine of DM 16,000. As
evidence a hard disk resulting from the raid of the Berlin org was used.
The police officer was suspended with (!) pay. He plans to appeal.

On 24.10.1996, "Chick" Corea loses his appeal in court case against the
state of Baden-Württemberg in connection with his non-participation at
the state-sponsored concert at the world athletics championship. The
audience has a good laugh in court when the judge asks if a "world
famous pianist like him" needs state-paid concerts to survive
(VGH Mannheim, Az: 10 S 176/96)

On 26.11.1996, the administrative court of Augsburg prohibits
scientology to recruit on the streets or to distribute propaganda.
Scientology had appealed an order of the city of Kempten. Reason:
commercial activity. The court leaves it open whether scientology is a
(VG Augsburg, Az: Au 3 K 94.671)

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Post by barky » Tue Nov 08, 2005 2:38 am

Thanks for that. It just didn't click in my feeble brain that the RPF was the "confidential" part.

I guess I just didn't make it to the proper rundown. Alas. :geek:

It's so funny about the German situation. When I was in there was all this hootin-and-hollerin about the German government acting like Nazis, denying religious freedom and all of that.

'Course they just weren't afraid of Scn like the U.S. federal government appears to be. :roll:


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Post by daisy » Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:29 am

San Francisco Org is slated to become an ideal org (birthday game). Currently, they have 22 SO members there trying to make it happen. Just received new and glossy promo regarding joining staff there.

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