Museum of Psychiart "An industry of Death"

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Museum of Psychiart "An industry of Death"

Post by Ereshkigal » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:24 pm

This is weirder than weird. Under the name of an organization called "The Citizens Commission for human Rights" on Sunset in Hollywood, a new exhibit has just been reopened in all it's sickening ggory-glory, denouncing psychiatry stemming way back from the 1700s.

I took a quick tour - which was all I could stomach - and even though it's not blantly stated that it was founded by Scientology, it's pretty obvious. It's spelled out plainly on the website for the museum. My psychologist was apalled, as would anyone be if you went to see this atrocity.

Just another way of recruiting. I don't have the address on hand, but it's easy bto find under the Citizens Commission for Human rights. what a crock! If anyone in LA wants to go, I'd like to go back..with someone for moral support. When I left they said "Come back and get the whole audio tour" I said just that -- "Yeah, when I have more time and someone with me...for moral support." I laughed and I left.

Just fuels the fire inside of me to set things right and get the truth out from under this very heavy rug.

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Post by kathyscats » Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:29 pm

Were there many people there? What did the general attitude of the people seem to be? Is is a big museum?

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been there

Post by winstonsmith » Mon Jan 30, 2006 6:19 pm

I was brought here by a friend that is scientologist. I have an interest in scientology because I am phlabergasted at the scale of which this "religion" or whatever has propogated and to people like my friend who is really quite smart, independent, and successful. Thats another story.

THe parking lot for this place isnt very large, it is on sunset though. Probably a 10-20 sized lot. The building looks like new construction probably within the last few years. The place is really well kept up, spacious, well laid out, and the exhibit displays are extremely well put together, it is not amatuerish. There as been great expensive taken.

There is a wireless audio system with very expensive headphones for about 10 different videos throughout the massive exhibit which is self guided. If one were to actually watch all the videos and study all the displays they would be in there for a good three hours, easy. The exhibit covers every possible subject from the orgins of pysch, early pysch, modern, practices in schools, hospitals, domestic and governments abroad, with the scientology spin.

When I was there it was just me and my friend. The only other person in the tour was what I felt was someone posing as a young adult / student type who just happened to be sitting half way into the exhibit hallways watching one of the videos. Once we caught up with him he strayed along with us and at the end asked, "are you guys going to watch the end video?". At the end of the hallways there is large wall with dozens of pamphlets about all the different dangers of pychology and a long couch with another video display. More propoganda, with the extremely intense "You can make a difference" catch phrase.

I took alot of notes about some things i question the legitamacy of, especially the electronics that were on display as torture devices. They didnt have any problems with me writing notes.

The friend was with was reluctant to answer questions about what the place was used for previously.

I gotta go i will write more later maybe,
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Post by Winston Smith » Tue Jan 31, 2006 7:13 am

HEY DUDE!!! You ripped off my alias. Go find another name. Old Major and Snowball are still available.

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Carl Sagan provides some insight:

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Post by winstonsmith » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:19 pm


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