Are my friends in the Sea Org?

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Are my friends in the Sea Org?

Post by sreedevi » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:26 pm

A friend of mine and her family used to go to a local community college, which I also attend. They were all doing really great, straight-A students. They talked alot about being a Scientologist. I didn't really approve of it, but I also didn't care that much, so I brushed it off. However, all of a sudden, they dropped out of all their classes with only 4 weeks left to go! They gave no explanation to anyone, including their professors. Someone finally got in touch with them, but they refuse to explain themselves.

I'm really afraid that they've joined the Sea Org and it spooks me out. Is there any sure way I can find out? I'm honestly worried about them, especially hearing about the RPF.

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Post by Ltricha1 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:13 pm

Download and print out copies of Madman and Messiah and A Piece of Blue Sky.

Mail it to them.
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Post by Ladybird » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:51 pm

When scientologists join the Sea Org, the recruiters push really hard for them to start "RIGHT NOW"!!! People are pressured to sell everything, drop everything, give away everything and totally disconnect from the "WOG" (real) world. Here is a post I wrote (I used to be a recruiter) about how people get recruited:

By: Ladybird
Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 5:46 pm:

Speaking from my experience as a Sea Org Missionaire and recruiter, we
used to take anyone who could get on a bus train or plane before
Thursday at 2pm. (Stats Day, the most holy day of the week in
scientology). Many would not pass the quals and get routed out, but
hey, that was HCOs problem. Many of the current top executives and old
timers got in the Sea Org under these relaxed qualifications and would
never be allowed in now.

Now, the qualifications are very strict. I will try to give you an

0.) You get regged to join the Sea Org

1.) The recruiter interviews you about basic out quals, including LSD,
any psych history or drugs including ritalin, any criminal history,
any debts, any connection to press or other antagonistic sources, any
connection to anyone not in good standing with the church, any
objections from your parents or family, etc.

2.) Once you have passed this interview, you are invited to sign your
billion year Sea Org Contract. Ideally, this is done with as much pomp
and circumstance as possible, at events there will be a special table
all set up with Sea Org insignia and decorations, and the Sea Org
Officers will be there in full uniform complete with braids, medals
and campaign ribbons to shake your hand and make you feel really
important. A formal swearing in and signing will take place. Pictures
will be taken.

3.) Usually the next morning you will be scheduled to take tests and
fill out your Life History Form. The tests are the OCA, the IQ test,
the Aptitude Test and the Leadership Test. The Life History is now on
a floppy disk, and is even more specific and intrusive, Warriors
outline above is good, I do have a more recent one I will try to find
and post later.

4.) Also at this point an auditor or meter trained recruiter will will
give you a meter check on the A to J PTS types and a meter check on
Help and Control. The whole list doesn't have to F/N, but any reads
must be handled to F/N.

5.) All your data plus a routing form is put into a folder and
submitted to Security, who will do computer searches on you, DMV
check, credit check, etc, plus check on all the friends and family you
put on your life History. They will also run a cross check through
their internal computers checking for any data they already have on
file about you or anyone you know.

6.) Once you pass ok from Security, the folder goes to OSA. OSA will
check their own secret records and do their other secret background
checks, including contacting the DSA (department of special affairs)
of every org or mission you were ever affiliated with, looking for any
flaps, ethics situations, etc.

7.) If you have made it this far, a "Project Prepare" is written and
added to your folder. This is your plan for getting yourself 100% out
of the wog world and includes things like selling all your mest,
closing your lease or selling your house or business, paying all
debts, finding a home for your dog, etc. This is all supposed to be
done "RIGHT NOW". Unless the recruit arrives within days or weeks they
often fall off the line and never arrive because they have too much
time to think about it and get influenced by their friends and family
not to do it.

8.) Once you arrive in the Sea Org, you route on to the EPF (estates
project force). This consists of 5 hours of indoctrination and 8 hours
of mest work per day. There are 5 courses, Basic Study Manual,
Introduction to Scientology Ethics, Welcome to the Sea Org (5 tapes),
Keys to Competence, and the Basic Sea Org Member Hat. The EPF should
take 2 or 3 weeks, and those who don't finish in that time start to
have their quals reviewed. If you have made it this far, you will get
help for things like study problems or a minor PTS situation, but
around 30% are offloaded for things like physical problems that show
up when they can't handle the heavy mest work or schedule, trouble
taking or giving orders, discipline problems, financial problems, or a
PTS situation that wasn't known before, such as parents, ex-spouse or
children who get upset once you have routed in.

9.) Once you graduate the EPF, you are supposed to be posted in the
HCO Expeditor pool, where you continue 5 hours of study per day on
Staff Status 0, SSI, and SSII. Your jobs are supposed to be to go work
where HCO says you are needed, and thus get a feel for the
organization. This almost never happens though, because of the chronic
short staffing, and "divisional recruitment" wherein the division who
recruited you wants you RIGHT NOW cover some black hole of a post that
they think is critical.

10.) Usually step 9 is skipped, and you are just slammed onto a post
and given 10 thousand orders to get your stats up. You get no bonuses
or priveledges until you are fully hatted for your post. You are
supposed to get 5 hours study until you are fully hatted, but good
luck, buddy. I know many execs who were not fully hatted years later.

Welcome to the Sea Org!

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Post by funkmr » Mon Feb 06, 2006 11:42 pm

What is the church's explanation for not having a full, comprehensive list of the Sea Org not on record and a matter of public record? In theory, one should be able to go to a central site and look at the entire list of names of all individuals in the Sea Org. I understand that such a record would show thier high turnover and allow disconnected family members to contact them, but how do they justify their refusal to provide such information to the public?

R.I.P. Lisa, we will never forget you or stop speaking up for you.

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Post by Ladybird » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:07 am

Ron's Journal #67:
"So long as we are elusive - or Fabian - we grow strong, so I have examined the
statistics, and we have grown in numbers to the degree that nobody could quite
put a finger on what we were doing." - LRH
Here is an example of how "elusive" scientology lawyers were in explaining the Sea Org to the IRS:
"As described in our prior response and as further discussed below,
the Sea Organization is a religious order.
The Sea Organization is not incorporated, nor is it an
unincorporated association, nor does it have a formal or informal
ecclesiastical or other management structure. It does not maintain
any books or records. The Sea Organization also has no income,
disbursements, assets or liabilities. Since the Sea organization
has no assets or other property and has no secular identity, it
does not have any need to "operate" as an entity. It therefore has
no operating arms."
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Post by sreedevi » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:08 am

So, there is no really sure way of figuring this out? I mean, I could go and take a walk at the Scientology churches, but aren't there quite a few in the L.A. area? I don't know which one they went too, but the one on Sunset and the Celebrity Center aren't very far away.

I know that the Sea Org is not the best place to be in, and from the way it sounds, they will no longer speak to me, as I am not a Scientologist. If they are in the Sea Org, it really seems like all hope is lost; it's up to them to figure out what's going on. I feel helpless.

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Post by Ladybird » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:15 am

Almost all mail for Sea Org members in LA goes to this address:

1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way
Los Angeles, CA

All the mail is opened and checked before it is given to the addressee, and any negative (they call it "entheta") mail is with held.

If you write to your friends, I suggest just a nice short letter saying you miss them, and something like you were interested in what they told you about scientology and were disappointed that they left because you wanted to talk about it more...or whatever you think is appropriate to get them to write back.

Sea Org are not allowed to talk to people who have been excommunicated from the cult, (called "SP"s or Suppressive Persons) or anyone who is negative or critical of the church. (They call that "disconnection"). As long as you are nice and positive and don't upset (called "enturbulate") them, they are allowed to talk to you. (They call that "have a comm line.") As you can see, scientologists speak their own special language of words Hubbard made up, so if you have any questions please ask!

I am posting this here instead of privately to you because I hope that there might be others who wonder how to contact friends or family in the Sea Org.

Good Luck!


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Post by sreedevi » Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:51 pm

How do you know if you are an SP? The thing is, these friends of mine convinced me to take one course about a year ago, but I was really dissatisfied with it and asked for my money back. Would that put me on some sort of list? I never told my friends that I asked for a refund; I just told them I was too busy to take any more courses.

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Post by funkmr » Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:57 pm


I saw one incidence of a person declared for asking for her money back, but I do not believe that such is typical. According to the doctrine, only one out of fourty people on the planet are actually SPs. As such, they prefer to label people PTS or out ethics (lesser states of evil) if possible. I severely doubt you were declared SP if your involvement with them was so short. I believe there is a central office that keeps the SP list on file, but contacting them will just arouse suspicion. It is my sincere belief that you are better running under the assumption that you are not declared. It is, however, important to note that I do not have knowledge of the "church's" inner workings and you would be best to heed the advice of ex-scientologists like Ladybird, magoo1, lermanet, etc. Ladybird is giving 100% gold advice that draws upon her knowledge of this insidious criminal organization. Thankfully, knowledge like hers gives people an honest shot of getting their letters in the hands of the Sea Org, rather than thrown away by the Ethics Officers. I sincerely hope you find your friends. My 2 cents.

R.I.P. Lisa, we will never forget you or stop speaking up for you.

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Post by Ladybird » Tue Feb 07, 2006 7:01 pm

According to LRH policy on refunds, anyone demanding a refund cannot enroll in any scientology services. An excerpt from that policy is below.

If your friends know you got a refund, they will know you are not eligible for services, so might not respond to you. Is there anyone else you know of that were friendly with them who might be interested in finding out what happened to them? It might be better to have them write.

One good thing to consider is that alot of people leave the sea org within the first year or 2 on their own. Showing any signs of doubt as a new recruit will get someone offloaded fast!

The Sea Org is a very harsh and regimented life with a very low standard of living. People live in small rooms with 6 or more money, no time, no privacy. It is a major culture shock! So writing friendly letters telling them little details about fun things you did, etc will remind an already homesick person what they gave up. Even the old-time, hard core SO have private thoughts of holidays and good times with friends and family.

Let us know what happens!

All the Best, Ladybird
HCOPL 23 Oct 1963 "Refund Policy"

"The new policy is then:

"1. Refund any fees when and as demanded, whether for training or for

"2. Refuse further and all future training or processing to anyone demanding
a refund as the condition of refund.
PS: I am curious to know what your experience was in getting a refund. If you would like to share what it was like, (was there a routing form? Did they try to talk you out of it, how long did it take, etc)...start a thread in the "My story" section above. Hope to see you there!

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Post by sreedevi » Tue Feb 07, 2006 8:31 pm

Well, I think I'm going to talk to some of my other friends about writing a letter. I really don't want to take any chances.

As for my refund, I never got it. When I (finally!) contacted the right person about getting a refund, he told me I had passed the deadline for receiving one. So, I didn't bother with it after that.

Thanks for your help everybody and I'll keep you updated!

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