Chatsworth mission

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Chatsworth mission

Post by stargazer » Fri Dec 29, 2006 4:09 am

My favorite Thai place is in the same strip mall as the "West Valley" mission... just like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory; you'd never see anyone go in or out. You'd also never see cars parked directly in front of the place.

I drove past there on Wed. evening around 6pm... unfortunately my Thai restaurant was closed for the holidays, but apparently so was the mission. Dark windows, piles of boxes... it did not look inviting in the slightest.

Business is not (and has never been) booming at that mission. Meanwhile the traffic was quite busy on Devonshire, and the strip mall parking lot was about 75% full of patrons for the other businesses there.

If I'm going through that area, I drive by the mission and while I'm amazed to see that it's still open, I just never see anyone going in or out of there. No sidewalk stress tests, happy Hubbard posters, nuthin'.

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