Hollywood Buildings

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Hollywood Buildings

Post by irbcsz4986 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:48 am

I live outside LA and go to Hollywood area only occassionally.
Walking down Hollywood blvd was like a gauntlet of Sci centers.
1. first, there was celeb center off fwy. this about 1 wk before shooting there.

2. then passed the LRh life exhibit bldg; impressive bust of El-Phony in front; lots of marble like bank building (appropriate). what'r all the top floors for? No public inside I saw, just a few coats milling around.
some more navy coated ones outside talking about their "wins".

3. a few more blocks up there' the testing center; looks like empty bookstore. a lady at doorway looking at proscpect coming down street. I watched for a minute; she quickly sized up the potential candidates (suckers)- some hip-hop looking guy with baseball cap and baggy jeans: she didn't even try (no money), a young couple with quick gate: she didn't try to flag them down (probably they have a life), a grubby street guy: obviously not interest. I thought for moment to cross street and walk down slowly and fein interest in window display. I probably would have met their criteria becuase I was alone, not shabby and not looking like a I had place to go.

4. on side other side is some sort of "educational center" looks classroom with kid drawings taped on window. The giveaway was drawings says "THE way to Happiness".

5. up street more is next to old movie theater a building that looks empty; dark expect the "SCI" sign is still on like a vertical moviehouse marquee. I remember this place some years ago that had guy standing out front giving out flyers trying to get people to come in for testing.

there's probablly still more on this one street - but i didn't walk that far. impressive how much real-estate they hold but didn't look too busy in any one.

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