Valley Life Improvement Centre at Granada Hills CoC event

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Valley Life Improvement Centre at Granada Hills CoC event

Post by Sponge » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:39 pm

This popped up on You tube this week.
It's a video from the Valley Life Improvement Centre with their Mike Lewis speaking at the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce. (It's the cult's youtube channel).

He is followed by Congressman, Brad Sherman, who coincidentally was shilling for the cult at at speech for the the opening event of the Washington D.C. Ideal Org (and appeared on a scientology promo dvd).
See: ... but.49259/
and: ... ose.49337/
Video Description wrote:ValleyLifeImprovemen | Feb 27, 2011

Michael Lewis delivers the Opening Invocation as a minister of the Church of Scientology, and then Alison Robinson is recognized by Congressman, Brad Sherman for her community service. Alison then gives a brief talk as the newly re-elected President of the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce

This event took place on 25 February 2011:
The Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce 83rd Installation of Directors and Officers and Awards Ceremony, honoring Alison Robinson, 2010 Board President and 2011 President-Elect; and also honoring the 2011 Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce and the 30th annual Gil Benjamin Citizen of the Year.

It all takes place on Friday Evening, February 25, 2011, at 6:00 o’clock. At the Odyssey Restaurant–Athena Room 15600 Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills.

More discussion: ... vent.77306
Turns out the new president of the Granada Hills CoC is a scientologist.
From the database.....
Anonymous, posting on WWP wrote:Alison Robinson is clear and has done a whole bunch according to the COS completions.

If it is the same person.

She has been preparing to go OT according to her courses. Four years ago

just who you want in the chamber of Commerce

Clear 10,149 ALISON ROBINSON Auditor 157

Alison Robinson SHSBC LEVEL A Auditor 246 1993-06-01

Alison Robinson LEVEL F Auditor 258 1996-02-01

Alison Robinson LEVEL G Auditor 264 1997-03-01

Alison Ann Robinson LEVEL I Auditor 270 1997-12-01

Alison Robinson LEVEL K Auditor 274 1998-06-01

Alison Robinson OT PREPARATIONS Advance 194 2007-05-01


valleylifeimprovementcenter dot com is a scilon site

from their site:
"The Valley Life Improvement Center is a full service Dianetics® and Scientology® counseling center."
The contact info is for Mike and Alison, so yes Alison Robinson appears to be the same person as the one in the COS completions
Vally Improvement Center is just another COS front group

Don Carlo
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Re: Valley Life Improvement Centre at Granada Hills CoC even

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:06 pm

The US Chamber of Commerce was named in the HPGary case which wanted to electronically spy on US critics (and use tricks to smear them). The Chamber is furiously denying as much of this as it can. It would be chilling if the Chamber did have such a spy program, and there were CoS members employed by the Chamber, able to use elaborate techniques and smears against Anonymous, and even this message board.,2817,2381207,00.asp

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