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Post by zorro » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:05 am

I just spent three weeks in kabul for an humanitarian project and no scieno' org there ,there is already enough with middleage islamic tradition
(it's hard to be a free woman there , but there are people of good willing )
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and david is so close from criminal investigation,isn't????

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Post by Post Person » Mon Jul 31, 2006 5:48 pm

Thanks for the info. $cio propoganada films often mention faraway places (faraway from Europe and North America) as recruitment-heavens as in 'they loved us in the judicial or education system' of someplace where it's very difficult for us find out the truth, so it's great when someone travels and reports what they saw here on OC.

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Re: afghanistan

Post by sekh » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:54 pm

Recruitment-heavens those far-away countries may be, this one is particularly dangerous. I know scio's don't die, they just change bodies, but usually they are not in a great hurry to do so.
When you teach Dianetics instead of the Q'uran, Afghanistan is a shortcut to the kind of heaven you don't wanna go just yet.

I'll bet the judicial system loves to get their hands on some unwitting scio's. The pleasure won't be mutual, I guess. This penal system involves some strict corporal punishments for the crimes of blasphemy and anti-Islamic propaganda. These usually involve the removal of bodily parts. Without anaesthetic drugs.
Taliban rule is over, but Afghanistan is still a far cry from a Western-style democracy.

Not even Co$ can be so singlemindedly blind and stupid to open a franchise in Kabul.

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