When your PC beeps and won't power up/BOOT

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When your PC beeps and won't power up/BOOT

Post by 'Alert' » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:57 am

XP freakoid here again with some tips.

Has your PC every died and does nothing more than BEEP at start up?

I knocked my tower over last week and was almost convinced it was FUBU and dollars thrown at it was the solution.

MMkay, to cut a long story short.

I knew beforehand taking out the CMOS battery can be a solution(looks leik a silver coin). It didn't fix my issue, until I had no power in my tower/pc and held the powah button in(whilst the CMOS battery was removed) for the count of 2.

Sure enough, my trusty PC booted leik there was never an issue.
If I had Mac, ida been forced to go to a techie or that filthy Mac-store(that reminds me of a church of scientology) and get molested financially on a simple fix.

Mac is waaayyy tooooo secretive for my leiking! It also reminds me of a cult.

http://www.governmentnews.com.au/2012/0 ... HCSBV.html

Hope this halps fellow PC users leik me.
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