Complete and absolute boot failure

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Complete and absolute boot failure

Post by 'Alert' » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:39 am

Hello again! XP enthusiast has returned.

Now, there may come a time when all options for system retrieval have been explored, to no avail.

I have just undergone a complete meltdown of my hardware, and the hardware I was trying to use to fix my XP. I even went to the lengths to contact my PC manufacturer and get a "clone" of my OS ($66AU got me my OS clone and a supplementary disc).

You can in fact also contact Microsoft directly (I did this once before and I was quoted $50AU for a "clone") and quote them the serial/product activation code for a "clone" of your OS.

Now, all else failed with my attempts for a factory reset system recovery, even with system discs. When a HDD dies, it is beyond repair and all you can do is extract files from it(Google Undelete for a free and decent exe file!)

What I did was, I searched ebay for a PC that was the exact same model as my previous one. I have now replaced my "tower" for a measly $40. In fact, what I got was better than what I had before. I can still use the bought discs on this replacement PC because I have the original product key if I have an OS problem in the future

if you get into the same position as me, you will NEED Service Pack3 to even be able to get Windows Updates. Im not a fan of all those poxy updates, but it seems as though they are essential for a speedy running PC that is still on XP. I lub XP, simply because software or OS failures are not so hard to work around.

I was pulling my hair(I dont even have any coz I shaves mah head!) out that I would not be able to connect with the WWW again unless I threw a bunch of cash at a new PC with Windows 8 or Vista(heaven forbid I get stuch with those shit OS's)

I am by no means a techie nor a PC poindexter.... But Google can help so much with solutions.

Hope this helps!
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