Regarding asking Scientologists to submit their views...

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Regarding asking Scientologists to submit their views...

Post by skeptic2girl » Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:03 am


Yesterday, I noticed for the first time on the main board the section which gave links to emails which Scientologists had sent to Andreas, in order to have them posted.

I was surprised that I had not noticed this before.

I think it's admirable and important that Scientologists are able to share their experiences in a forum such as that (though I of course wouldn't welcome an angry onslaught on the message board). I love the idea of contrasting so starkly with the "Church" of Scientology, whose members violently objects to hearing a different viewpoint.

Therefore, I was wondering if the appeal for Scientologists' stories might be posted on the message board? Perhaps as a sticky?

(Not having been here long, I want to clarify that I realize it might have been there before and there might be reasons why it is not there now. BUT I wanted to suggest it anyway! :))

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