Hurricane Wilma

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Hurricane Wilma

Post by Ladybird » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:18 am

Hurricane Wilma is heading for Flag! ... D24_2_2005

In 1983, Hurricane Alicia was heading straight for Clearwater, the whole area was evacuated, except for the Fort Harrison. We were told that the "OT's would keep the hurricane away, and sure enough, she turned north at the last minute. I have been trying to google it, but all references to the Flag hurricane handling on ars have been mangled...was anyone else there then?

Let's see how the "OT"s do with Wilma.

I think in retrospect it was incredibly irresponsible to fail to evacuate back then.

I do have to chuckle at the thought of VMs coming to the rescue of the SO at Flag, though it won't be funny at all if it really happens.

Somebody on ars was having a chuckle about the "confidential" PC folder papers flying all over the Tampa Bay area!

I really do hope everyone survives.

Too bad there are no hurricanes in the middle of the desert where Davey keeps his ill gotten millions. Chasing hundred dollar bills through the snake infested cacti, now THAT would be worth a road trip! ... D24_2_2005...

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Post by barky » Wed Oct 19, 2005 1:09 am

Too bad there are no hurricanes in the middle of the desert where Davey keeps his ill gotten millions.
Well, there's always hope for a plague of locusts. :P

Wasn't one of last year's hurricanes headed for Flag last year? Then at the last moment it turned east and wiped out all the old folks in Punta Gorda? I remember someone commenting how the OTs spared their hotel by forcing deaths and homelessness upon the elderly...


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no evacuation,no scino control of weather

Post by proflex » Fri Nov 18, 2005 2:52 pm

nothing going on downtown usually during storms,im always out seeking special pictures to bring the absurdity to an end 7-12 yr olds out on the streets at night while their parents are doing whatever at ft harrison. yea i had to make 3 different complaints to clw police who thought i was crazy im sure....

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