SP hole photoshopped in Source #177

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SP hole photoshopped in Source #177

Post by Torsten Vanadium » Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:26 pm

Hey y'all,

I got a look at the latest Source magazine. On page 32 is a photo taken from the north side of the SP building, showing that 7 storey gash closed up with all the windows in and everything. Which I know for a fact hasn't been done yet. You can see a bunch of construction machinery and stuff littering that corner behind the rented fence. It looks to me like the ped bridge over FH ave is at a much earlier stage of completion in this photo, with the decorative arched bottom only partly roughed in.

19.4.06 postscript---

This isn't so much a scoop as I thought. The exact same picture is in Source #154 from 2004, and maybe in other issues.

The ped bridge was finished in 2003 BTW. Pretty much the last work that was done

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