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Tampa org update

Post by magitad » Thu May 25, 2006 3:38 pm

There is a disparity in the level of activity at the Tampa org, and the Yborg.

Last weekend, I spent a few hours at the arcade across the street from the Yborg. It was the same day as a rather large annual eclectic music festival in Ybor City, and the day of The Big Anti-Psych Play.

The Yborg sat open, but I didn't see one soul go in there during the time I was at the arcade.

Later on, I happened to drive by the org in We'Tampa. There was a LOT of activity going on. More than 60 cars. Sea org uniforms. People walking between the two buildings. There's a park across the street, people used to use it. Now cars for the org park around it, but no kids play there anymore. Like *none*.

Went by there again last night - same thing, lots of activity. This morning, however, there were only 2 cars. Because of the lacktivity, I noticed parking place markers with 3 names: Raabe, Boshoff, and Pomeranz.

Es verdad.

-maggie, human being

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