Q regarding narconon

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Daughter of Chaos
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Q regarding narconon

Post by Daughter of Chaos » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:36 am

I was wonder just how narconon manages to stay afloat in the US despite it being a litigious society? Are the victims intimidated like they are in Scientology ? Is there a worry that the mere fact the victims were drug users would prejudice the jury?

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Re: Q regarding narconon

Post by Scientology » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:02 pm

I'm also wonder about Narconon and i think that's a very important question.
Maybe they are not paying any tax and have a lot of cheap coworkers in the staff. Introducing more persons to the shit. and then gets sucked up in the shit. Hubbards olfactory function seems highly predatory as an ordinarily pedophilia nose, sniffing & finding the usable weaknesses and use them. The same military actions and the rest is mostly about the dress code and the uniform. Religious surface or red cross, those who might be less probable to be attacked in war.
Lron the MC driver, La fayette the Stratocaster as puppets on a string

Finding weak souls that already have burned their bridges, offer them a bridge and they will make good loyal staff members offering their services almost for free.

Puppet on a string & Stratocaster in the String theory

This course, the Narconon Communication Course, was described in a report commissioned by the California State Department of Health (the "Tennant Report") as follows:

"[The course] involves a rigid series of training routines termed TR's subnumbered 0-9. Each TR is an individually prescribed entity which must be mastered before proceeding on an upward "gradient" to the next TR. TR0 involves three exercises specified as "eyes closed," "eyes opened," and "bullbaiting." The premise seems to involve the exercise of trust in "eyes closed," the exercise of direct eye contact tolerance (staring into the coach's eyes) in "eyes open," and the seeking of an emotional weak spot or "button" and a corresponding emotional response to it in the bullbaiting routine. The bullbaiting exercise seems to involve principally physical characteristics that may be used to embarrass or humiliate an individual and condition him to accept and control is responses to these verbal threats to his body image. For example, one might poke fun at a poor complexion, a crooked nose, and etc. Bullbaiting appears to be a crude forerunner of the more polished auditing procedure and is accomplished without the use of the so-called E-meter. Additionally it appears to be the primary part of TR0 or the initial exercise routine.

If the "raw meat" dies then the protesting wogs can taste the religious practice of "fair gamed" since this gives the military action most cover i the society of today. Yeah i'm also wondering how Narconon can get bigger. I really don't know. But the most effective military actions today is to come dressed as something else and don't care about anything else.

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